Know there’s something better

Today is my 12-year anniversary at my job! I’m shocked that anyone even hired me. And I managed to stay 12 years??! Unbelievable. lol. I was promoted once. I know that isn’t good enough for most people, but I don’t know of anywhere else I want to go within the company, so I’m good.

“She has a nice blouse on. Something just doesn’t make sense.”

Someone said that about me while I was walking my dog at the park! ROFL. Obviously, he has seen me at the park before. Otherwise, his comment doesn’t make sense. Sometimes I wear a t-shirt to the park. Sometimes I wear pajamas (the benefit of working from home and having the park right around the corner). Sometimes I wear something nice, usually something from Stitch Fix. On that particular day, I was wearing a blouse from Kohls. I know this because I’ve only been to Kohls once.

Who gives a fuck what I wear to the park? I’m trying to exercise and tire my dog out. 😉 I will wear whatever. I see men shirtless, and I get jealous. Why can’t I go shirtless? Must be nice.

I’m getting a Stitch Fix box on Thursday. I will probably do an entry on it early next week. I already peeked on the app, and I  really like 4 out of 5 things. So I will probably keep everything to get the 25% off discount. It depends on how things fit. One thing is a purse. I saw a video of it, and I fell in love with it. I hope I like it in person.

Apparently, I’m not anemic. But is that because I’ve been taking iron supplements? I think so. The nurse said my iron levels were fine. I’m going to keep taking the iron even though it doesn’t make me feel any better. 😦

I didn’t hear back about the job which is fine. Like I said, I’m not in the mood for a job interview. Well, I never really like them. But I just don’t see the point of going on a job interview for a job I don’t qualify for.

UPDATE: I just applied for a work at home job based in DC. This job I mostly qualify for. I don’t expect to hear back. People go crazy for remote jobs. They will get thousands of applications.

For the record, I’m going to wear my Washington Wizards t-shirt to the park today. I hope nobody has a problem with it.


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