I’d rather walk alone

I’m so sick of hearing about the damn eclipse. I’m not looking at it. I don’t care. blah.

I’ve been renting this house for at least 4 years. Maybe 5. My landlord has NEVER once been here for an inspection. Now he wants to do quarterly inspections. WTF? I understand annual inspections. Isn’t that normal? I have no idea. Anyway, he owns a lot of properties, so I think something came up somewhere so now he gets the bright idea to do inspections.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if the first inspection wouldn’t be THIS MONTH. ugh. Kill me now. I have to paint one spot. Well, my mom will paint it since she enjoys painting. I don’t know when the inspection is taking place. I’m supposed to get a 2-week notice. Well, we are in mid-August, and I haven’t received an inspection date yet.

I’m so worried because he is doing the inspections to see if he needs to increase the rent. I’m already paying A LOT. I’m just hoping the inspection goes well. After the first inspection, I will know what to expect, and hopefully, the others won’t be so bad.

In summary, this inspection situation is overwhelming me and stressing me out.

I really wanted to see Marianne Williamson. She came to Charlottesville on Sunday at 1 PM. Short notice, of course. Everyone is acting all shocked that something like this could happen and I’m not surprised at all. I’m sorry 3 people died. I didn’t expect that to happen in that way. I don’t think anyone did.

But this isn’t shocking at all. It’s so weird the way people are covering it. I’m pretty sure the same thing will happen near where I live next month. I hope no one is seriously hurt. All these people coming from out of state and messing things up. Argh. However, if Marianne Williamson comes to a church, I will go for sure this time.

Yes, racists exist. I’m shocked!!! And all of them don’t show up to rallies.

Update: The rally here was canceled. But that is not the end of this.

I’m just really stressed about the inspection.  Gotta go.


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