I’m all for believing

YAY! I have part-time work coming! It could start as soon as this upcoming Monday. Or it might start the week after. I can say goodbye to my life. No more sitting outside while reading. No more free time. I haven’t worked at my PT job since December, so I’m glad to have work. But I know how exhausting it will be working two jobs. When I work both jobs, I have no life. I’m always working when I’m awake.

I’m a little worried because I don’t feel good enough. I don’t have the confidence. And our work will be extremely audited. Every single thing we do will be looked at carefully. That makes me so nervous. But I have to believe I can do the work or else I won’t have a job. And if I make too many mistakes I won’t have a job. 

I keep replaying the interview in my mind. I don’t know. I did send a thank you email. I had to guess her email address since I didn’t get a business card. The email hasn’t come back to me yet, so I’m hoping she got it. Sometimes it takes days for an invalid email to come back. That is not good! What am I supposed to do then? I will probably do nothing. Then she’s going to think I didn’t send a ‘thank you.’ 😦

I also keep thinking about the pay. They give out good bonuses. But that’s not good enough. I need a good base salary. I love their PTO. It isn’t as good as the PTO I get now, but I’ve been at my company for a looong time. First, I have to get an offer. sigh. Waiting.

I know some people think it’s CRAZY to stop working from home. But I’ve been at this company forever. I have new skills, and to use them, I need a new job. PLUS, once I get 3 years of experience, I can probably easily find another work at home job. I wouldn’t stay in the office forever (unless I really love the job, of course).

I need to stop worrying and say, “May God’s will be done”. If I don’t get a job offer, it may be because I would hate working in that office or it may be illegal for me to work there (since I signed a contract with the part-time company). I have to let this go. Worrying isn’t going to solve a thing. I do wish I knew whether she got the thank you email.

This week I…

Music of the week: Jasmine Thompson, Emeli Sande, Demi Lovato, Elle Varner, Lea Michele, Bethany Dillon, Ellie Goulding, Halsey

TV of the week: Big Brother, The Handmaid’s Tale, Wimbledon

Movie of the week: none

Books of the week:

Now reading:

With the part-time job looming, I doubt I get a lot of reading done. I will try to always finish one book every couple of weeks.

Plans for the Weekend: I will be reading while I have at least one more free weekend. I also have my course work to do. I would like to finish that on Sunday since it is (part-time) work related. I have to clean up. I let everything slide because of the interview. I didn’t even use my planner this week. I can’t believe I actually got stuff done.

I’m off on Tuesday. I’m getting my third Depo injection. I thought the Depo was working because I had about a week off from my period, but now I think it’s back. BUMMER!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend. 🙂

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