broken record on repeat

I don’t know how the interview went. The good thing is I don’t think it went horribly. She was very nice and straight forward. She answered all my questions at the beginning of the interview. I hate when they do that because I want to be able to ask questions to sound competent. Anyway, the start date is August 14th. So if I don’t hear back from them before the end of July, I don’t think I’ll get an offer.

I think the main problem would be compensation IF I were to get an offer. I would hate to turn this job down based on money. But I’m living in a semi-desired suburban area. The rent is high. So I can’t take a cut. If I were living in the city like I did about 6-7 years ago, I would gladly take a pay cut to get more experience. I don’t need to make a ton of money. Money doesn’t motivate me. I just want a job where I can use my skills and learn new ones.

The other option would be to move, but there are obstacles to that too. I can get into all that later. I just wanted to do an update on the interview.

One thing she kept saying is how the environment is casual, and people wear jeans every day. Uh, yeah when I used to work in the office it was like that too. I’m fine with that. I just don’t like when people get weirded out by a person wearing a maxi dress. Maxi dresses are casual. Whatever. Of course, I wasn’t going to the interview in casual dress. I had my blazer and slacks on!

Another thing that seemed to put us at odds was the fact that I work at home for two jobs. She seemed to see this as a disadvantage. I was trying to say I have to focus because there can be a lot of distractions at home like TV, the internet, neighbors (not for me), family (not for me), pets (for me), etc. I have to CHOOSE to focus on work or I won’t get anything done.

Well, she seemed to think there are more distractions in the office. She said the other coworkers are chatty and that can cause distractions. She may have never worked at home so she wouldn’t know about at home distractions. About office¬†distractions, I don’t get distracted by talking because I’m not a talker, so that’s not an issue but I couldn’t say that.

I’m so thankful that is over. SO THANKFUL. It wasn’t a painful interview like some are. Thank the Universe!!! I was so worried because even though I had time to prepare, I wasn’t as prepared as I usually am for an interview so I thought it would be a disaster.

They are hiring lots of people, so I have a shot. She knows I work for the part-time company and she didn’t say anything about the contract so I guess I can work at both places. I dunno.

What else? They do one week of real job training. I would prefer two weeks, but most jobs in this field, don’t like to train at all. So one week is good. Now I’m thinking of more questions I could have asked. :: bangs head:: Oh well. I will probably have more to say about this later.

I’m going to work on my course now. I was supposed to finish it last Sunday, but the interview happened. When interviews happen in my life, EVERYTHING stops.

I can’t stop thinking about how the money will probably be the biggest issue IF I get an offer. Hmmm.

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