Little bit of freedom

The test. I don’t know what to think. Sometimes I think I could’ve passed and sometimes I think I needed to take the test one time just to see what it consisted of.

I don’t know if I passed yet. The test proctor said we will find out on Wednesday (at the earliest). ROFL. Last time it took me more than 7 days to find out I passed. So I’m not counting on finding out on Wednesday. I would be SO HAPPY if I passed. And understanding if I didn’t.

I didn’t take the whole 6 hours. I took about 4 hours and 30 minutes. I kid you not. Should I have rechecked some of my answers? I was a bit uncomfortable with the seating arrangments. I did want to leave ASAP. It wasn’t set up like a normal classroom because they had a meeting the night before. It was impossible not to face someone. Like I said, it was uncomfortable.

If I have to take it again, I’m sure it will be like the first time. I was seated in the very back, and it wasn’t that strange (but I have changed a bit since 2014). Sigh. I don’t know what I’m even talking about.

I feel like I was very close to passing. No amount of extra studying could have saved me because this stuff wasn’t in the study guides. However, AFTER I took the test I knew what to search for, and I found resources on the internet, so I feel more confident about my chance next time.

Was I too nonchalant about the exam? Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. Fuck. Well, I just have to wait now. I’m not very patient (understatement). If I do have to retest, I will do it on August 26. If I don’t pass then, I will have to pay $300 (!!!) for 2 more chances.

In other news, I did give the recruiter my phone number and email so she can contact me if she wants regarding the work at home position. I had to look up how much money I make (is that unusual?) just in case money comes up. I can’t take less because my rent is so high.

Maybe my next entry will be about my test score or a job interview. Oh god, just typing out “interview” makes me nervous. It’s not like I’m looking for a new job. I don’t currently hate my full-time job, but I would like a job using more of my skills.

Here is a pic of my sunflower as of today:


As you can see it isn’t fully bloomed. Sorry for the blurriness of the pic. I’m not good with this camera phone yet.

Today I read so much and watch Marianne Williamson lectures, and I didn’t have to worry about studying. I may have to get back to studying soon, but for now, I’m enjoying my free time.

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