Too shy. Can’t speak.

I might have part-time work coming very soon! I wish management would be clearer, but this is the way this business works. I guess. I haven’t worked at my second job since December. I really could use the money. First I really need to pay off a credit card (in two years the interest rate will be crazy!). But I also really need a storm door to keep the cold air out of the house. I also have to pay for installation of the door so that can get a little pricey. It shouldn’t be over $300 overall though. I hope to get that installed by mid-September.

My certification test in this Saturday at 7:30 AM. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Um, yeah. I’m way too not anxious about this. Last time I took a certification test (in 2014), I was freaking out all. the. time. I hope I pass. I can take it again in August if I fail. I’ll probably blog more about this in my next entry if I start freaking out. 😉

I signed up for Direct TV Now. It was $35 a month for a great number of cable channels. But I wanted more sports and Oprah’s network, so I upgraded to $50 a month. Right now I’m not paying anything. I have a free trial until Sunday at 7 PM. I’m thinking about canceling because I’m used to not having cable now, and I don’t watch it that much as of now. Is it worth $50 a month?

The good thing is that I can cancel anytime (unlike some cable contracts) so I will probably give it a month to see how much I actually watch the service. The one thing I don’t like is there is no DVR service. Hulu Live TV has it and so does YouTube TV, so that seems odd to me. Are they going to add it at a later date and charge more for it? I would love the cloud DVR service.

Long story short: I will probably not make a rash cancellation on Sunday. I will pay the $50 and keep it for a month to see if it is worth it. If I ever NEED to cancel, it is so easy to just cancel. No commitment.

I’m going do my evening spiritual work (A Course in Miracles and meditation) and then study a little. The NBA finals are on tonight. I don’t want the season to end tonight, but I have a feeling it will.

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