Be still my heart

My dad left for overseas on Sunday, but he says he’ll be back. So I guess this is just a visit. Does he live in the US now and just visiting overseas? I have no idea.

I watched most of “One Love Manchester” and could not stop crying. I know my eyes were red when I took my dad to the train station. I had no idea I would have this reaction to the benefit concert. When I saw Ariana, I lost it. Her song “One Last Time” (one of my faves) has a brand new, sad meaning now. 😦

This has nothing to do with the terrorist attack in Manchester. I just want to list my 5 favorite Ariana songs (in no particular order cause that would be impossible) –

  • Piano
  • Honeymoon Avenue
  • Breakfree
  • One Last Time
  • Sometimes

I also love Baby I and Bad Decisions. 🙂 haha. Anyway, Ariana and her team put on a GREAT benefit concert.

I saw Moonlight, and I loved it! If there were more movies like Moonlight, I would watch more movies. I might do a “review” of it in my next entry, but since this won Best Pic at the Oscars, I’m sure there is so much written about this great movie, and now I want to read all of it, but I’m supposed to be studying so…I’ll wait until after I take my test to see why others liked it. I enjoyed it because it was so REAL. I could relate to the main character in so many ways. And then the love story….OMG. Loved it! I didn’t want it to be over. 😦

This entry was supposed to be about how I suck at spirituality. I know everyone feels this way from time to time. Most of the time people terrify me. It is hard being spiritual when I’m scared of people. I should elaborate more in a full entry. But I’m trying, and dammit, despite what some people say, that counts for something. (At least in does in A Course in Miracles).

I got my Venture One card in the mail today! I’m in the process of switching my recurring bills to that card so I can get the extra 20,000 miles. I need those. Kripalu, here I come!

I have to get back to studying. I went to the library on Saturday and studied in a study room for 50 minutes. If it weren’t so cold in there, I probably would have stayed longer. Anyway, my test is in less than two weeks, so I need to focus. I’m going to get some reading done tonight. Bye!

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