I will survive

I’m not officially done with cable until May 18th, but I’ve already cut the cord. My cable is no longer “plugged in.” I’m going to be on vacation on May 18th, and I figured why not start now? I’m already struggling with the lack of NBA playoffs. 😦 Sigh. I’m going to miss basketball so much, but I haven’t looked into all the options yet. Next year I will know everything about what I can or can’t get without cable.

I do have an antenna and a digital converter box. I only bought the digital converter box because it works as a DVR (when connected to a hard drive). I’ve never had a DVR before. *gasp* I know. I can get all the local channels plus more which surprised me because I live in the suburbs, but I’m surrounded by trees. Not just trees, forest. For some reason, I’m having trouble with NBC. With just the antenna (and NOT the converter box), I had no problem with NBC. Hmmm.

This is only a concern for me because I prefer NBC news and I would like to be able to record Dateline so I can watch it later. I’m using this hard drive to record shows.  I haven’t played around enough with recording. I’ll do a review on the whole thing once I have an opinion. I hope I can somehow get NBC without disconnecting the converter box.

Update: UGH! The hard drive would barely work with the converter box. So fuck it. I’m going to use it to back up my computer files even though I already have a backup in place for it. I don’t need to record TV. I’ll be fine. 🙂

As far as my spiritual practice goes, I’ve been listening to too much Marianne Williamson and not enough Gabby Bernstein. Thank god there is an easy fix. More Gabby! lol. Gabby is about more than A Course in Miracles. She helps me want to be a better person.

I finally got my own copy of A Course in Miracles! I can’t wait to start the Course. I’m starting on Monday, May 15th (the first day of my vacation). I even bought a special cover for it with my birthday money. It’s a Bible cover with a Bible verse on it. A year ago I would have scoffed at the thought of even buying it. Me? A Bible verse? LOL.

I don’t know if I would ever carry the Bible cover in public. Part of me doesn’t want people thinking I’m Christian. But what’s wrong with being Christian? It should be nothing, but I still have issues/judgment with Christianity. I’m working on it. I’m getting much better. Trust me.

I got my lab results back. My B12 levels were normal. Uh, probably because I’ve been taking supplements. I’m going to keep taking them. My iron was low. She told me to take an iron supplement. So that is what I’ll do.

Gotta go.

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