I gotta draw a line

I’ve decided to not go to yoga on this Thursday. 😦 I have my period. It is very, very, light. However, a lot of Kundalini yoga has to be changed for a person on their period (or pregnant). I would rather just go when I don’t have my period. I wouldn’t be able to do all the heavy breathing and all that. I plan to go on the 20th assuming my period is over.

The good news is: my period is light!!! Hallelujah! I’ve never had a period this light before. Of course, it could last forever, but I don’t really care. I can still mow my lawn and get on the treadmill, and that’s all I really want to do. I guess the Depo is doing its job. That’s was quick.

I had a weird interaction with a “neighbor.” She told me she lets her pit bull run free and she doesn’t want my “little dog” to get hurt. Um, WHAT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE? Does her dog only attack other dogs? Other people walk around there all the time. I’m sure she doesn’t stop her car and says anything to them.

I’m guessing she just doesn’t want me walking around there. I walked right past her property and walked right back. The whole walk was 17 minutes. I know this because my Fitbit told me. I didn’t stand around. (I hate when people do that). I was just walking my dog.

Whatever. I will still walk in the area. But I will not walk past her property. I always walk on the road, so that is public property. I made sure to not even LOOK at her house. It’s hard to explain all this without going into detail of how the houses are. Anyway, I hope I don’t see her for a while. I take my dog on 4 short walks a day. So chances are that I will see her eventually.

Of course, she could get into real legal trouble if she allows her dog to run loose and attack people or dogs. I’m not buying it. I think she is just trying to scare me. A bullying tactic. *sigh*

I think I know what I’m doing next year for vacation. I’m going to Kripalu! It’s in Massachusetts. I will have to fly into Albany, NY and take a 20-minute taxi ride to get there. I’m so excited. I wanted to go this year, and there is still a very small chance I will go this year. But I’m pretty much giving up on it happening. I have to work half a day on the day I would have to fly there, and it would pretty much take a miracle to make it there in July. (I do believe in miracles, so it’s possible).

More about Kripalu. They have all kinds of retreats. 300 acres. Yoga classes. etc. I would probably go for Gabby Bernstein if I could have my number 1 choice. Her retreats are only 3 days, and that’s more affordable than a week long retreat. She announces it pretty early so I should be able to get the time off from work. Man, I wish I could go this year. I could really use a retreat.

Maybe it was meant for me to find out about it this year so I could start planning for next year. Next year I was going to go nowhere or to the beach. I wanted something inexpensive. Well, Kripalu changes that. I think I went to Mexico for less money than the cost of Kripalu. Why do they have to be in Massachusetts? It’s so far away. Not that I don’t want to go there (during the summer only). I bet it’s nice (um, during the summer only – lol).

So yeah, That’s the plan. Kripalu and Gabby here I come…in 2018. Can’t wait.

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