Only thing I ever needed

OMG. I don’t know what to do. Abilify (the generic) is costing me $275.00 for a 90 day supply. However, I split the pill so it will last me 180 days. I’m lucky that splitting the pill works for me. I’m also lucky I can afford $275 right now.  I have so many concerns. Will it go up again? WHEN will it go up again? What if I don’t have the money next time? (lack mentality).  Can I get a warning like I did last December? I received no warning. I just added the medicine to my cart and got the shock of my life.

I guess I’m going to order it. Fuck. This is BS. It used to cost me $75 for 3 months of the medicine. My antidepressant also went up. I think it doubled to $33 for 3 months worth. That is nothing compared to $275. Help! Unfortunately, I can’t function without Abilify. I tried. It didn’t work. I was extremely depressed. It was horrible.

How can a medicine go up $200 without warning? Huh? My insurance is paying about $1100 on my behalf. I’m thankful for that. But they are acting like Abilify is some luxury drug that people don’t NEED. Well, there goes my savings plan. All my money is going to medicine. I’m still in shock. I’m not only going to cut the pill in half, but I’m going to take it only 6 days a week and pray that it doesn’t go up anymore. I’m no longer taking Abilify on Sundays. I wonder if I could I cut it in fourths and still get results??? I would try it if the pill weren’t so tiny.

This sucks. But with this order, I will have enough medicine for more than 8 months. I already have a decent supply of Abilify right now. The only reason why I decided to order so early is because I have extra money. Geez.

I was going to blog about something totally different today. But this came out of nowhere. Other than this, things are going okay. 😉 I might try to take myself off Abilify IF the price goes up again or IF I don’t have more income. I already tried and failed, so I’m not looking forward to stopping again.

Now I’m rethinking everything about money. I can’t panic. No one knows what the future holds. Everything will be fine. Thanks for reading my freak out. 🙂

UPDATE: Now I find out that Abilify is to blame for compulsive behavior!!! The whole time I thought it was 100% on me. It’s the Abilify! Fuck. I ordered the 90 day supply right before I decided to do research on Abilify. It can cause binging (hello!), gambling addiction and other things. WOW.

This explains everything. I never had a compulsive problem prior to Abilify. I’m laughing right now, but it’s not funny. I would still take Abilify because food addiction is better than depression (for me). Why didn’t my doctor tell me? This info has been out for at least a year, so I will bring it up in June. But I can’t just stop the medication. This is a real problem. I don’t know what to do.

So yeah, I just spent $275 on a medicine that fuels my addictions. Wow. I will still take it for the next 8 months, and then I don’t know what I will do. I can’t take the alternative (Wellbutrin). It’s sort of funny because I was going to blog about my food triggers today instead of Abilify. Oh well. There are drawbacks to everything. Damn.

I have decided I’m going to lower my dosage. I’m going to cut my pills in fourths. (!!) I’ll be taking 1mg of Abilify instead of 2.5mg. That should help with the compulsive behavior, but will it cause depression? Time will tell. If the depression comes back, I will go back to 2.5mg a day.

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