Why is this devil on my shoulder?

I hesitate to be happy about this. But earlier I was screaming, “THANK YOU UNIVERSE”!! and hugging my dog. Now I’m back to my normal self.

It’s about work. I thought I was doing much worse than I really was. All I had to do was check it on the computer, but I was so scared, and I knew I was sucking so why bother checking? Then today after my monthly meeting with my manager, I finally got the courage to check. I’m doing okay. Unfortunately, it is only ‘okay.’ But okay is enough to keep my job and to keep working from home…for now.

I need to do better, and I need to work so hard constantly. Some days are stressful. Since March 1, I would say 75% of the days are stress-fests. I’m going to tap to lower the stress. I hope that works.

Depo-Provera update: I spoke too soon about the acne. I broke out over the weekend. I thought it was because I was tapping so much and rule #1 of acne is: don’t touch your face. Tapping involves A LOT of face touching. I also have very sensitive skin, and I’ve been using a new cleanser and blah, blah, blah.

I think it is the DP that is causing the breakouts. I’m not too concerned about it. When I go out on Wednesday, I’m not any wearing makeup, but when I go out on Saturday, I will. Btw, I mean concealer and foundation when I refer to makeup. That is all I wear. I doubt I ever start wearing makeup all the time. It is too time consuming and messy, and I don’t care that much.

AND I have a never ending period. My unscientific theory is: my period will eventually stop forever because I’ve had it so much. 😉 This kind of sucks BUT my period isn’t heavy at all right now so I’m thankful for that. I was able to get on my treadmill for two days in a row!! I don’t exercise when I have my period (usually), so I consider this a win.

Well, I gotta go work on my to-do list. I hope we don’t get any snow. I don’t think we will. I just want to be able to go out on Wednesday and mow my lawn on Thursday. So no snow!! Thank you.

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