She said she loved me

At least Betsy DeVos is saying the right thing about LGBT rights for students (re: transgender bathroom issue). But what will she do? I’m surprised she hasn’t been forced to resign yet.  I hate when people say “states’ rights.” It is such a cop out. What if you live in a shitty state? Fuck that.

The news is so depressing. It looks like the conservatives are #winning.

I wonder what will happen to the Affordable Care Act? Since I’m on birth control, I suddenly give a damn*. LOL. That’s shameful. Seriously, I don’t need birth control so if I have to pay too much, I simply won’t get it. Some people NEED it. I don’t understand why anyone with health insurance would have to pay the full price for BC. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t pay full price for Abilify (it’s very expensive). But I do pay full price for some of my cheaper meds, and I don’t mind at all because it is inexpensive. From what I’ve researched a lot of BC is not cheap.

*Just joking since there are a lot of parts of Obamacare that are very helpful: Free preventive doctor visits, no more pre-existing conditions, etc.

Gabby Bernstein could have been talking to anyone. Other people could have said “Love you” to her. But I typed it out, and as soon as I hit return, she responded with, “Aw, I love you too.”

This is against everything Gabby teaches. She is not more special than me. I shouldn’t be so excited about this. She’s just like me. Also, she probably says “love you” about 500 times a day. That is the type of person she is.

I’m saving my life through Gabby. Spirit is now my lover. I pray and meditate every morning. I tap every afternoon. I still suck at meditating. I was doing fine, but now I’m struggling with it, but I’m still doing it.

I’m taking her Finally Full class (a class for food addiction), and it’s going well. It’s working when nothing else has. SCRATCH THAT! I had pizza and pasta yesterday. So I’m not 100% there or even 50% there. I was doing pretty good. Oh well. HOWEVER, I did give most of the pizza to my mom instead of keeping it for me to eat during the week/weekend. That’s a change for me. Of course, I wish I would have never ordered the pizza in the first place. I’m doing pretty good with not eating sweets, but I can’t get off the carbs. ugh.

I’m going to start over again. I haven’t done all the exercises of Finally Full yet. So I’ve got to get to work. I hope it works. I have faith in the Universe. Kind of.

Being spiritual is so hard when I’m around people. I’m fine when I’m at home during the week. But yesterday I went to my mom’s house. I thought, “This is why I hate people.” ROFL.

The neighbors haven’t even moved next to my mom yet, and there are already issues. I witnessed it with my own eyes. I’m so glad I don’t have next door neighbors, but one day I might. (Please NO). She’s telling me this stuff and I’m thinking “How could I be spiritual through this?” I know it would be a lot of work. I’m already working hard enough on my own crap. I don’t need neighbor issues too.

In summary, I’ve been praying, meditating, tapping and reading spiritual books like it’s my full-time job. But I still have a ton of work to do. ugh. I don’t wanna. At least I have Gabby to guide me through this. She’s the best. I just found a teacher with the same issues I had. That’s my best advice on finding a spiritual teacher. Gabby won’t work for everyone. But there is someone out there for everyone.

Instead of doing Depo-Provera updates, I should do period updates. haha. As of today, I’m 7 days late! WOOHOO! Does that mean it’s not happening? Ever? 🙂 Or will I be in for a big, bad surprise? Not much to say about the Depo. No bad side effects. Not having a period is NOT a bad side effect. It’s a good side effect.

This week I…

Music of the week:  Ryan Adams, Grace, Parson James, John Mayer, Gurunam Singh, Lukas Graham, Adele, Ariana Grande,

I’m surprised by how much I love the new Ryan Adams album. I never considered myself a Ryan Adams fan. Now I guess I am.

TV of the week:  basketball, Glitch

The first 15 minutes of season 1 of Glitch explains why I want to be cremated.  I’m serious. I’ve always wanted to be cremated. I do not want to be buried in the ground. Hell no.

Movie of the week: The Witness (documentary)

Books of the week: I’m reading so many books right now. I finished  Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson (4 stars on Goodreads). Now reading:

I have a lot more books on my to be read list.  I reactivated my account with BookLenders, so that means I will be using the library a lot less. 😦 My first two books should be here on Monday.

Planner update: Plans in my Erin Condren planner:


Plans for the Weekend: I’m going to pick up my TV (pictured below) and my taxes on Saturday. I filled a big bag of clothes and shoes for ThredUp. I hope I make at least $60. I’m mailing that on Saturday. I should know how much money my clothes are worth in a few weeks.

Oh! I made a 72 on my first practice exam last Sunday. Not bad. It was so hard! I was surprised I passed. I have a lot of studying to do this weekend. Eventually, I’m going to have to mow my lawn since it has been so warm. I’m trying to wait until I’m off on March 16th and 17th. Uh, I’m not sure my grass will wait that long. I may clean my yard this weekend. Not sure.

Not much going on. Per usual. Just studying, doing spiritual work, enjoying my new TV and running a few errands.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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