I did my best, it wasn’t much

I’ve been feeling helpless when it comes to Aleppo. Our government isn’t doing enough. I retweeted this article and I just want to mention it on the blog:

7 real things you can do right now about the catastrophe in Aleppo.

I am off from work today. I ran errands until 2 PM. I’m exhausted. I couldn’t eat breakfast this morning. That never happens. I have been having a hard time eating in the mornings, but I can usually eat. I’ve been feeling physically sick and depressed all week. I’m guessing that the physical symptoms are related to the depression.

I can’t wait until December 21st. I get to see my doctor. He better put me back on Abilify. I think he will. I’m doing mail order, so I won’t get to start it until after Xmas. blah. More waiting. I just hope I can do my classwork and be productive at work. That is all that matters to me at the moment.

The mornings continue to be difficult. My digestive system is all messed up. I’m depressed. I’m wondering what’s the point of this life. etc. etc.

I’m hoping all this is temporary. I get back on Abilify, and I get back to my normal life. I hope to feel better in less than two weeks. ::fingers crossed::

I went to Michaels today because they were having a big planner release thing. UGH. My store was just setting it up as I went in. There was one person working on it and she didn’t  even have all the stuff. What did I do? I went through one of the boxes while she wasn’t looking and I took one of the items I wanted. lol. But yeah, that kind of sucked. I paid $1.50 for it with a coupon. I might go back tomorrow. But it might be a sign that I shouldn’t spend anymore money.

I don’t know what’s going on at either of my jobs. ROFL. Sad, but true. I know they wanted overtime from me at my full-time job and I declined. They didn’t want MY help last week so…whatever. I’m still waiting for more projects at my part-time job. It is seasonal work (no matter who you work for). I’m just hoping for work soon. I haven’t had any substantive work since the last part of November.

This week I…

Music of the week: Miranda Lambert, K. Michelle, Ingrid Michaelson, Ariana Grande, A Tribe Called Quest, JoJo, Beyonce, Tori Kelly

Song of the week –  Tori Kelly and Jennifer Hudson – Hallelujah (Live)

TV of the week: Gilmore Girls,  basketball

Movie of the week: I have it in my planner that I’m going to watch The Intern on Sunday. Yes, I have to plan movies because I’m not into movies like I used to be. I was going to see this movie in the theater, but of course, that didn’t happen. And then I was going to rent it, but the reviews weren’t that great. All I know is that I love Anne Hathaway. And I like Robert DeNiro, so I’m looking forward to watching it this weekend.

Books of the week: It is so annoying to read books like  The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein when you have depression. But I’m still reading it. Bad timing. I also checked out two other books, but I’m so scattered brain, I doubt I get to read all these books. I checked out Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster by Jon Krakauer and When the Heart Waits by Sue Monk Kidd

I will probably post a list of all the books I read in 2016. I don’t know how many books I finished. It wasn’t that much. 2016 started off strong in the reading department, but life happened.

Planner update: Plans in my Erin Condren life planner –


Plans for the Weekend: I might go to Michaels tomorrow after I take my last test for my class. I’m taking the final on the 24th. I don’t feel ready for either. It was VERY cold today, but the next couple of days will be nice. On Sunday it will be near 70 degrees! How awesome. I wish global warming would stay consistent and just let it be warm all the time. Bad liberal. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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