Fake asses

These FABs (fake ass bitches) are going to make me start quoting JoJo. LOL. Let me preface this by saying D didn’t understand what I was saying. I can’t help anyone who doesn’t know the backstory. So this might not make sense since I’m not getting into the backstory.

This is about those on the right that insist there is a “war on Christmas” STFU! Get a real problem and stop looking for shit. I usually don’t run into these people but once a year I meet one.

And today was the day. Sigh. The cashier said “Merry Christmas” to the customer in front of her. No problem. I barely noticed. Then Miss ‘I voted for Trump’ (hahaha) said, “Thanks for saying that.” As in thanks for saying Christmas instead of happy holidays. I half rolled my eyes, but I caught myself. I forgot that I wasn’t in my living room.

Merry Fucking Christmas to ALL. Okay, I said it. I don’t have a problem when people say it to me. I don’t know anyone who has a problem with people saying it…even people who don’t celebrate usually tolerate it. Right? The only people who think people have a problem are the war on Xmas people.

It is a false narrative fed by Fox News, and I can’t stand that ignorant bullshit. There isn’t a war on your holiday. Celebrate any way you want. And how do I think you are going to celebrate? By giving your grandkids iPhones (or whatever the big gift is this year – I wouldn’t know). What does that have to do with Christ? Huh? What?

And you are probably hoping for that jewelry from your husband. What exactly does that have to do with Christ? Break it down for me.

Stop acting like it is a purely Christian holiday. Are these people even Christian??! LOL. Don’t even get me started on what’s in the Bible and how people act. I’ve read the whole Bible. I know what’s in it.

Stop with your fake outrage over Xmas. I will take the Christ out of it because I know it gets on people’s nerves. I can be petty. No shit. Maybe these people need to take a look into the mirror if they want to see who took Christ out of Christmas.

Back to this women. Then she started talking about a “new era” and how things are starting to get better. I almost took my groceries and got into another line at that point. BUT she said it was because she had a new job. hahaha haha hahaha. Who believes that? She was so talking about Trump. I’m willing to bet everything I have on it. (I don’t have much). She looked old enough to be retired. She said she had been working at her job for 26 years. Whatever.

Enough about her and the fake war. Let’s talk about the cashier and ME. 😉 The first thing he said was “English?”. LOL. No one believes I’m American. I’ve been getting that all my life. I told him I was from Maryland. He asked how did I like it here and then he said he was from Egypt. I asked how he liked it here. That was the extent of our convo. He also said Merry Christmas, of course. heh. I said, “thanks” or “thanks and you too.”

When I was in Mexico, this guy started talking to me really fast in Spanish. I was like WOAH. Slow down. I can barely speak it. People think I’m from the most random places. They are shocked when I say I’m from America or Maryland.  But it’s true. 🙂

I found my dream house! There are three problems. There is a neighbor on one side (a little too close), the yard isn’t huge and it is priced at $149,000. 😦 I can’t afford the down payment for that since I’m not a first time homeowner.  It is a little over 1 hour from where I live now. If I had the money, I would 100% go after this house. Forget the neighbor. There is a fence on that side of the house (and only on that side).

It has 3 bedrooms and two baths. It is 1,300 square feet which is a little big for me. I would rather have land than a big house. I don’t need space inside. I want space outside! Here are two pics of the house:




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