How to survive

I’m sick of talking about Trump. He no longer interests me. I don’t care what he is doing with his cabinet. When D brings him up, I sigh. No one knows anything. All I can say is, “just wait.” How many times can I say, “NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING!” or “JUST WAIT”? No. What I want to say is, “I don’t fucking care!” but that would be rude.

Sigh. I don’t wanna talk about him anymore. I don’t care. I’m over it. It’s old news.

And here is a James Baldwin quote:

The young man said, “I lost my conscience a long time ago,” and turned and walked out. I know that one would rather not think so, but this young man is typical…A few years ago, I would have hated these people with all my heart. Now I pitied them, pitied them in order not to despise them. And this is not the happiest way to feel toward one’s countrymen.

One can say I lost my conscience. Whatever. Or maybe I’m just really sick of Trump. That is why I’m watching basketball instead of the news. I’m still keeping up. I read The Washington Post daily. (I have a subscription). I still watch the news, but not as much.

One more unrelated thing: I have time to read and blog in the early evening because my part-time job project is over. They claim there will be more work this week. I really do hope so. I’m so pessimistic about everything. Back to reading and enjoying my free time while I have it.

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