Somebody once broke me

My official weight is 139.4. 😦 If I  When I start my new food plan tomorrow and stop compulsively eating; my weight will go down. I am exercising on most days. I average about 20 days out of the month. Yes, I could do better.

There is a 5% chance I might go to Vegas for my birthday instead of the state park. As you can see that is a very low percentage. I’m not counting on it. But I am thinking about it. I would only go so I can take my mom. My mom has never been out west so that would be fun. Last time I went by myself in October. It was so hot. What is May like there? It’s probably worse…right? ugh. I need to go during February.


I went to Bath and Body Works today (Black Friday). Instead of going to the “dead mall,” I decided to go to the outdoor mall near me. It wasn’t crowded at all. That was great because it gave me time to smell “new to me” scents. I’m not that familiar with Bath and Body Works fragrances. I didn’t go to the other mall because I didn’t want to be tempted by Victoria’s Secret. I could use a new bra or two.

Anyhow, the special was buy 3, get 3 free.  Here is what I purchased (all full sized) –

  • Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion (for my mom’s bday or Xmas)
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion (definitely for me – my fave)
  • Moon Light Path body lotion (new to me. fell in love with in the store)
  • Moon Light Path shower gel
  • Hello Beautiful shower gel (new to me. I love floral scents. obvs).
  • Vanilla Bean Noel body lotion (smells SO good. want to keep but will give to my  mom for bday or Xmas)


They gave me a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon and I already have plans for that. I want a Vanilla Bean Noel lotion for myself (Why didn’t I purchase TWO? ugh!) . It looks like it is just around for Christmas so I will go back there soon and pick up a bottle along with other items once I know what I love.

This week I…

Music of the week: Miranda Lambert, Rihanna, Little Mix, Lori McKenna, Solange, A Tribe Called Quest, Bruno Mars, JoJo

I started working on my top 16 albums of 2016. I know thousands are waiting for this list. 😉 As of right now, I know what my #1 will be. But there might be one more release before the end of the year.

TV of the week: The Crown,  basketball

I’ve been watching a lot of basketball (mostly college) recently. But let’s talk about The Crown! No spoilers.  What a good series and a good history lesson. I don’t keep up with royalty…at all. I don’t watch the weddings or read the gossip or even look at pictures. This show taught me a lot. I had no idea the Queen had so much to do with the Prime Minister. Who knew??! This show is so interesting. It isn’t the best show ever, but it is good, and I would recommend it.

The only thing I did know is that the Queen loves corgis. As a corgi lover, I adore that. My last dog (RIP) was a corgi mix, and my current dog is a corgi mix. They are the sweetest dogs. I LOVE CORGIS.

Movie of the week: none

Book of the week: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin is a quick read. I’m about 40% through it. I’ve wanted to read this book forever, and it was finally available as an ebook from my library. I know I’m late.

Also reading The Binge Eating and Compulsive Eating Workbook by Carolyn Coker Ross. I’m on the part about food plans. I’m going grocery shopping on Sunday, and I’m using this book as inspiration. I’m so glad this book was available at my library at the right time.

Planner Update: This week’s plans in my neutral Erin Condren planner:


Plans for the Weekend: Work. I’m glad to work this weekend because this will probably be my last weekend to work on this particular project. I thought it would last until mid-December. I read the numbers wrong. This is ending very soon, and now I’m worried I won’t be able to make as much money as I wanted. I just wanted to make at least $475 (like last month). But I’m not sure that is going to happen. My paycheck will be over $300 which is what I need, so I’ll be okay.

Other than that, I’m going to pick up my professional photo on Sunday. Nervous.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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