I keep the engine running

I’m thankful I don’t have to sit around a table and give thanks. HAHAHA. I’ve never been to a Thanksgiving dinner. Ever. I’m so thankful for that. ROFL. I crack myself up. 🙂

Anyway…Last year I read how Black Friday at the malls is mostly dead. Well, if that is true, isn’t that the perfect time for me to go to the mall? They still have deals. I’m thinking about it. I want to go to Bath & Bodyworks. My sister got me hooked on their Japenese Cherry Blossom lotion. That is now my fragrance. (I don’t wear perfume). So I want to try their shower gel while it will probably be on sale.

What if people are into shopping more this year than last? People keep saying Black Friday is dead. Well, that sounds good to me. Let me buy what no one wants. I would also go to Victoria’s Secret. I have nothing in mind I want to buy there, but if there is a sale, I’ll look around. That would probably be it for me. I would probably be too scared to go to J.C. Penny. Even at that dead mall, that store will have more people than usual on Black Friday. JCP will have bath towels on sale for $2.99! I want. 😉

Oh, and then there is Forever 21! Should I stop listing stores? I just want to look at their purses.  WTF is wrong with me? (don’t answer). For the record, I’ve never purchased a purse from F21, but I have drooled over one or two.

So I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a store on Black Friday. I’ve always been too scared of the crowds. I see nothing morally wrong with it since I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and I think holidays are dumb. I hope most of the people working are making more than they usually make and maybe they want to get away from family??? That’s just me hoping.

Since I stopped therapy, I rarely leave the house these days. (sad, but true). So an outing to an unpopular mall sounds good. I can still work at my PT job before and after the mall. I’ll probably be gone for less than an hour. Yep, I think the mall and me have a date on Friday. I won’t spend more than $50.

I was going to do something stupid regarding food tonight. I didn’t do it. Good for me. I was so tempted.  Oh! I got the binge/compulsive eating workbook from the library. It is awesome so far. In fact, I’m going to get my journal and read the book right now. I’ll link the workbook in my next blog post.


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