I’m the teller of the story

I think I’m dropping my therapist AGAIN. I like her as a person, but she is not what I need. I would like to think I’m doing better with the whole compulsive eating and spending thing. But she has no clue on how to deal with this. I expect a normal person to be ignorant. She has a Ph.D.

She even said I didn’t look like I gained any weight in relation to the eating thing. Well, weight has nothing to do with it and a person with any knowledge on the subject would know that. She suggested I eat “bad food” once a week. Well, Overeaters Anonymous suggests abstinence. I have decided I’m not going to be abstinent, but I plan on being very close. She is clueless. What is the point of wasting my time and money with her when she isn’t helpful?

The last straw was when she went out of her way to talk about other stuff on Wednesday and avoided food talk on purpose. The hell with her. 😉 If she can’t talk about my main issues, then I don’t need her. I probably won’t go back to another therapist. I’m working the 12 steps on my own. I’m working on step 3 and 4 right now.

The bad part about this decision is having to call and cancel three appointments. Ugh, I don’t want to!! Even a person without social anxiety may have trouble with that. This part sucks. How do I say it? I know the person who usually answers the phone, and that makes it tougher. I hope she doesn’t ask why.

It’s 5:30 AM. Gotta eat breakfast and start a long day.

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