Diva o’ the day

I was called the diva of all divas  (by looks only), and D got jealous. The funny thing is that after talking to him, I’m 90% sure he is gay. There is no need to get jealous. I’m asexual. I don’t want anyone coming on to me. I don’t get jealous when it happens to others. Btw, I don’t think I look anything like the diva he called me. I like her, though.

Besides the guy was trying to sell me something. D just got mad because the guy ignored her. Gosh. She is decades older than me. At least, she didn’t get too mad at me.

Anyway, I’m getting a chance to dress up in period clothing and getting shot by a professional photographer! Then I will get a huge photo of myself. ROFL. What am I supposed to do with a big photo of me? Luckily my mom is excited, so I will be able to give her the photo. She wants to display it in her house. How nuts is that? But it is good because otherwise, what would I do with the photo??

I’m annoyed at myself for not saying NO, but when someone calls you the ultimate diva…lol. It is kinda hard to say “no.” I always have a problem saying no even when it costs me money. This will cost me $26 and TIME. I’m more pissed about the time than the money. I could be working. Instead, I will be playing dress up and who knows how long it will take to get the perfect picture? Trust me I will take any pic that is halfway decent. This photo is not for me. It is going to be for my mom.

So it will be a fun experience (hopefully), but I would rather be working. I get my photo taken on November 5.

Update: I read the rules again, and they will provide wardrobe and props and help with all that. But they will only take ONE photo. What if the first one sucks? I’m not a model. Now I feel this pressure because I will feel hurt if my mom doesn’t like the photo. Oh well. My first photo better be good. 🙂

I’m going to add my planner spread from last week in this entry instead of updating my last entry. Here’s last week in my Erin Condren planner:


I’ve enjoyed my Erin Condren planner. I’ve been using this since July. But I might get a new planner for January 2017. Michael’s is coming out with new planners, and if I can afford it, I think I’m switching. Their planners are much cheaper than Erin Condren plus I can use a coupon. I haven’t been to Michael’s in months because I didn’t want to spend money on this hobby. Not that planning is just a hobby. I have a bad memory. I have to write things down. I’ve been doing it all my life.

I’m going to take a test for my certification class and then I’m working at my part-time job for the rest of the day.

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