Don’t be killing my vibe

ROFL! My check on October 15th will be for $40! hahaha. I was planning on paying off debt and opening a new savings account for taxes. Um, nope. I didn’t know I was only being paid for work done during September. Thanks for telling me. I was in training during September. That is why my paycheck is so low.

This made me realize how much I NEED the money. Now I have to wait until November 15 to really get paid. 😦 The good thing is that I will be getting a much bigger paycheck next month no matter what.

I need to work my ass off until October 31. My therapist suggested  I take a day off once a week. That’s laughable. I can’t afford to take a day off. Days off are for people who can afford it.  Once I reach my money goals (could take a couple of years), then I will rest. I need to work while I can. It’s not like this PT job is year round work. The company has down time.

Rest is a luxury…but I will continue taking my daily nap. 😉 That can’t go away.

I recently found out that my insurance company won’t pay for Abilify the same way anymore starting in 2017. I get it for a really low copay now, so I understand. I’m confused about what this really means. I guess I can get the generic version, but I think my copay will still go up. That sucks. I just want to be able to get it still somehow.

Prior to Abilify, I couldn’t get out of bed at one point. I could go to work, and that’s about it. I was really depressed. Abilify saved my life! I’m scared to go off it even though I might not need it. I would rather pay more money for it than risk it.

This week I…

Music of the week: Jess Glynne, Jojo, Solange, Andra Day, Little Mix, Ariana Grande, Frank Ocean

Song of the week by Jess Glynne

I’m so late with Jess Glynne. Where have I been?? I have no idea. Liking the new JoJo and Solange. I haven’t listened to either enough to have a strong opinion.

TV of the week:  Survivor, presidential debate.

Movie of the week:  I finished the Amanda Knox documentary. I don’t know whether she’s guilty or not. I know it sounds bad to say I don’t care, but I don’t lose sleep over it. I don’t understand the fascination with this case, and I’m a true crime person aficionado.

Book of the week: Still reading The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Annonymous I’m only 23% through it.

Plans for the Weekend: Um, work. I only have to go out on Sunday to pick up my prescriptions. I plan to get a lot of school work done and work at my PT job.

Gotta get back to work. Hopefully, I can have a dance party later tonight like I did last night even though I was so tired.

Have a fun weekend! 🙂

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