I’m finally tasting alone

re: part-time job

Woohoo! I’m done with training! Of course, I still feel like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. They will be auditing me like crazy because I’m new. That makes me nervous.

We get paid on the 15th of every month. My paycheck for October 15th will be small since I was in training. As of right now, my check will be a little over $135. But since I’m off for 5 days (counting the weekend), I plan to work like crazy. Maybe I can get it to $200?? I just wish I felt more secure.

I’m also working on my certification class. I got up early this morning and worked on that. Then I took my dog to the vet. Thankfully everything went well, but I have to take him back in three weeks for a booster shot. Bummer.

I was considering going to see The Girl on the Train during my “vacay,” but the reviews have been pretty bad. Not horrible, but I think I can wait for it. I also considered going to see The Birth of a Nation but once again, the critics killed it for me. I can wait for that too. I guess I’m just not a going to the movies person anymore. There is still a small chance I might see The Girl on the Train tomorrow. The fans seem to like it more than the critics.

I’ll be back later.


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