Tim Kaine in RVA

UPDATE: I made the video below viewable to every blog visitor. (It was private before).


Tim Kaine

I went to the Tim Kaine homecoming. How close he and his wife are was my biggest takeaway. They are best friends. She choked up while talking. I can tell both of them know life will never be the same. They will probably have to move out of their house they have lived in for more than 25 years due to secret service.

DSCN0078 (2)

Anne Holton (Tim’s wife)

I saw a ton of secret service agents at the event and a lot of police officers. I think a couple of Trump supporters were escorted out of the event. When they would yell stuff, the audience would yell, “Yes, we Kaine” to cover up the outburst. Cute. But I think Kaine thought they were saying, “Yes, we can.”

Here is a video of when Kaine first came out. I zoomed in too much, so the video is a little blurry, but I’m glad I captured this moment:

It was a very special event because it was his homecoming and I’m glad I went. I probably won’t see him solo again. If Hillary comes (with Kaine), there is a tiny chance I  will go if I’m not working. I’m not that excited about Hillary, so I don’t want to see her by herself.

Tim Kaine

Great event. Great time. I felt like all of us were saying goodbye to them. Onto better things! He’ll be the next Vice President of the United States (hopefully). I hope they get some rest. 🙂

I got a free American flag to wave around. We were right in front of the TV cameras. I wanted a Clinton/Kaine flier, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get one. I also bought an official Philadelphia Democratic National Convention magazine for a $1. #Souvenier



I got to geek out with one of the volunteers about Kaine. I don’t think he is from the area. He was telling me about the New York Times profile and of course, I had already read it even though it was published less than 24 hours ago (at the time) LOL. Geeks!

I also signed up to help register people to vote. I’m not sure I’m doing it. Sigh. I already got an email. I have to see what it entails. I’m not big on knocking on doors. How intrusive! The same goes for calling, so I don’t think this is going to work. I just know I don’t like people knocking on my door. In fact, I hate it so why would I do it to someone else?

Here are more random photos. (I took all of these photos in this post, btw).

Tim Kaine 2

Bobby Scott

Congressman Bobby Scott


Tim Kaine 3


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