Falling to pieces

Sigh. I think the two-week notice thing killed me. Two people were in the room while I was interviewing. But only the main boss was asking the questions. He made me feel like I had the job UNTIL the two-week notice was mentioned. F&%$. The other woman in the room made a face and said, “You would have to give a two-week notice”. Then they exchanged a look.

They need help immediately. I saw where I would be working, and they have paper everywhere! This doesn’t include the mess that is on the computer. They probably don’t want to wait for two weeks to hire someone. Sucks for me.

I’m still waiting for an email. He said he was going to email me questions. Well, I think they offered the job to someone else, so now I’m waiting for the “you didn’t get the job” email. 😦

The only upside to all this is that I’m not sure I would enjoy the job. Like I said below, there is so much pressure. They get audited by the federal government and other agencies. Talk about pressure! Attention to detail is not my thing. I have to work hard at it. Are you allowed to make one mistake? Two? I would just be waiting to get fired. Sort of like I am with my job now. haha.

I also don’t like being salaried. I know I would spend 50 hours a week at work and still get paid what I currently make for 40 hours. Everyone there seems to work more than 40 hours. I don’t mind working extra hours. I used to do it all the time for free (until a policy was implemented). But if I need a part-time job to supplement my income, how can I work 50-60 hours at a full-time job??!

So there are definitely downsides to this job, but I still wanted an offer. I wanted to make the decision.

This week I…

Music of the week:  Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Anna Nalick, Priory, Britney Spears, Ellie Goulding, Prince, Fifth Harmony

TV of the week:  Grey’s Anatomy, Big Brother, Republican Convention

I think Grey’s and Big Brother are my two favorite TV shows. I’m still not sold on this season of BB, but I say that at the beginning of every season.

I missed Pence and Trump speak at the Republican Convention. I didn’t miss it on purpose. I fell asleep. I’ve seen Trump speak enough. I wanted to hear Pence. I’m sure I’ll be able to catch it on CSPAN.  I wonder how the Democratic Convention will be. I think it will be fun and I won’t fall asleep. 🙂

Movie of the week: I watched Straight Outta Compton. It wasn’t the best movie ever made, but I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to any music lover especially NWA fans. I am too young to be a NWA fan when they were famous, but I know all the members individually. I used to be a huge Ice Cube fan.

I have to say this: I hate Suge Knight.  My hate is justified because I think he had something to do with Tupac’s death. Anyway, this movie made me hate him more. What a jackass.

Books of the week: Once again, I didn’t get to read for leisure since I had to prepare for my interview. I’m still reading  Along Came a Spider by James Patterson. I’m on page 79. Will I ever finish reading this book? I can’t even say whether this book is bad or good. I haven’t gotten to the meat of the book yet. It’s due back at the library on Monday. I’m going to have to renew it.

Planner update: Plans for July 18- July 24 in my Erin Condren neutral planner


Plans for the Weekend: Nothing exciting, per usual. I have to buy yogurt. I know your life is better for knowing that 😉 A thrift store is going out of business, and they are having an auction. I’m going to look at what they have in person on Saturday. I’m mainly looking for clothes. Like I need “new” clothes. ha. I wish I could pick up a clothing rack, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to disassemble it and fit it into my car. Not that I have room for a rack. Whatevs.

I don’t have any interviews planned so this weekend I just want to chill and read. That’s it.

Stay cool. It is going to be so hot here. I usually spend time on my front porch with my dog, but it may be too hot. I don’t do over 100 degrees.

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