I don’t mind

I did not get the part-time job. I think it was because I didn’t show enough interest in that particular position.  They don’t cross train. I didn’t know that until after the second interview because the woman that did my first interview suggested other areas for me so I thought, ‘hey I can get a job in ANY department.’ Uh, nope. The guys interviewing me were only interested in the overnight position. Oh well.  I get why I didn’t get the job. They told me I could apply for another position at the store. But I probably won’t.

I’m slightly relieved. However, I do NEED a PT job so…I’ll probably try a temp agency, and I will continue looking for FT and PT jobs.

Edited to add: I just applied for a full-time job!! I get so nervous when I do this. I have to tell someone. 🙂  It has the same title I have now, but the duties are totally different. This job has more variety, and they are a nonprofit! I would love to work at a nonprofit. #goals Anyway, my current salary* is on the very high end of what they offer so I would have to ACE the interview to get this job. They could probably find someone willing to take less.

*Yes, I once again mentioned my current salary because I don’t want to waste my time or theirs. I’m crossing my fingers. The company is also dog-friendly. I’m not exactly sure what that would mean for me. I would KILL to take my dog to work, but he is very territorial, and barks at everything he feels is a threat so I’m not sure that would work.

Another downside is that I would still be looking for a part-time job if I got this. If only my car payments would end already. I only have a few months left, but URGH. My damn rent is just too high. Sigh.



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