Groan. Groan.

There were TWO MEN doing the interview. I have never been interviewed by men. I don’t know. I think I did okay (C+) answering the questions BUT I totally failed when it came for the time for me to ask questions. HELLO? This is something I am normally prepared for. But this time, I was so focused on what they would ask me.

Sigh. I asked one question, and it was probably lame. I should have asked about benefits but the books I read said do not ask those questions. Well, I used to. So UGH! That may be the reason why I failed…if I did fail. Fuck.

I’m thinking about looking for a full-time job. I don’t know. I will hear something back for sure in 1-3 weeks. Fuckity. fuck. fuck. How could I have not asked questions about benefits? Or something. Anything more than one question. I’m screwed.

Back later.

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