This is so unusual

****BREAKING NEWS**** (if you didn’t see my update)  – I have a job interview on Thursday!!! *gasp* I guess the telephone interview went okay so now I have to interview in person. I don’t know who will be interviewing me. Last time I think it was someone in human resources. Not sure.

Anyway, I’m having a hard time coming up with problems. I’m a conflict avoider. I don’t have work related problems with my coworkers that I can talk about.  ARGH. This is driving me nuts. This could cause me to flunk the interview. I have typed out the answers to some tough questions. I’m not going to memorize 90% of the answers because 1.) I have a bad memory and 2.) It will sound too rehearsed.

Some people don’t get that I have to study for an interview. That’s annoying. What do normal people do? Just show up? WTF? Really? I wish I were like that.

Not interview related: I did something else dumb. My Trunk Club stylist moved on from Trunk Club, so I have a new one. She called me, and we chatted. She’s sending me a trunk soon. Like I can afford OR need Nordstrom clothes right now. AHHHHHH. The good thing is that I should know whether I have a PT job before I have to make a decision on what to keep and what to send back.

AND…I had to contact the landlord about the front yard again (see pics here). Long story. Once again, he was very nice, but I can tell he didn’t want to pay to have the tree removed. But M’s husband told me it could cost over $1,000 to have the yard cleaned up!  I’m trying to get the bathroom fixed. I’m not paying for both things. I was planning on cleaning up the yard this weekend by myself, but he (M’s husband) pointed out that more branches could collapse or the house could become more damaged.

So somebody is supposed to look at the house tomorrow. The landlord is going to pay for it. I feel like there is too much going on. I just want to study for this interview. I’m overwhelmed.


Thanks for any good vibes!! 🙂

Now I have to come up with answers to questions like “Share a time when you experienced working with a difficult coworker on a team”. Welp. 😦 I have no answers. I will not go to bed tonight without some of these questions answered.


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