I don’t even know what to say

The store just emailed me about scheduling an interview! AHHH! Scary. I can’t even think about that right now. I haven’t had power since Thursday night. We had a bad storm. Today is Sunday and I’m at my mom’s house because game 7 of the NBA finals are on. I couldn’t miss the game.

Even though I’ve been napping a lot (and reading), I’m still tired. The tree in my front yard split. I’m very lucky that it didn’t hit my car. It did hit the house, but the damage isn’t a big deal. It just tore the screen of the window.

Here is how the tree split:


My front yard:


The damage to the house:


I called the landlord and he was very nice, but he doesn’t seem interested in cleaning up the yard. So I’m not that interested. It’s not my house and if he doesn’t care. Whatevs.

I have to go. I will probably call the store tomorrow to set up an interview. I haven’t had an interview in about 2 years. I’m very rusty and I probably won’t do much to prepare. Just being honest. If it were a full-time job, I would be much more stressed. I just want electricity.


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