LeTote review & giveaway

I have a giveaway! LeTote is giving me a chance to give away three totes to 3 different people. So the person would get one box (AKA tote) free. A tote consists of 3 clothing items and two accessories. Accessories include jewelry, scarves, and purses. I don’t know how long this giveaway will last because they didn’t inform me. If you are interested, just comment on this entry or respond to me on Twitter (thesewalls). Or snapchat me (kat3x5). The first three people that comment will receive a free tote. I will erase this when the giveaway is over.

All I need is an email address, and they ask for a first and last name. I guess initials might work so you don’t have to give me your full name.

What is LeTote? A fashion subscription service. You borrow clothes and accessories to wear, and you can send them back in 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months. Your choice. LeTote charges you monthly.  OR you can purchase the clothes with a nice discount. They have items from Vince Camuto, Jessica Simpson, BCBGeneration, Free People, Splendid and more.

This is my 3rd time using LeTote. I love their clothes for the most part. I wish they had more bottoms. I have never gotten a pair of jeans. You can browse their clothes without signing up. Here is what I received in my third tote:

Brand/name: Summer & Sage Melange drape front jacket.


Brand/name: Octavia Navajo sweater cardigan


Brand/name: Ava turtleneck tunic


Brand/name: Clement dew drops necklace


Brand name: Cami royal purple drops


I LOVED my third tote especially the cardigans. I like how they sort of tried to match pieces. They sent me two cardigans because I love cardigans. I could have kept the whole tote for about $160 and if I weren’t doing Stitch Fix, I would have kept all of the items. My least favorite item was the earrings. When I first saw them, I was in awe. (Purple is my favorite color).  But they were too heavy for my taste. I wore them out once. I kept the tote for 10 days and then sent it back for another box.

The following is what I just received yesterday in my 4th tote:

Brand/name: Noir wren v-panel tee


Brand/name: Tbags flowy printed tunic dress


Brand /name:  Eight Sixty floral wrap blouse


Brand/name: Camilla crystalline collar necklace


Brand/name: Noir Luxe cluster ring


Since I just received these items, I haven’t gotten the chance to wear them out. But I tried them on and everything fits. My favorite item is the wrap blouse. I’m thinking about keeping this tote for my birthday vacay (in mid-May). Or should I send it back for something different? I won’t be able to judge how much I like these items until I wear them out. I already know I’m wearing the “dress” on Wednesday (my day off). I put the word dress in quotes because I’m wearing it with leggings. There is no way I’m wearing that as a dress! 😉

Edited to add: I decided to keep all 5 items from this tote. I’m so in love with these pieces. The total was $141 for all 5 things.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway if you are interested!

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