My first ThredUp haul

I will post about my DC trip over the weekend. I did post a few videos from the Tori Kelly concert below.

ThredUp is the best thing ever. No exaggeration. It is an online consignment/thrift store. They sell clothes from Target, Michael Kors, J. Crew, Guess, Ann Taylor, Marc Jacobs, Gap, Tory Burch, Nike, etc. They have women, girls, and boy clothes (including shoes and handbags). I’m a thrift store girl. I will probably NEVER go into a thrift store again. Thanks to ThredUp. I heard about it a year ago, but for some reason, I never tried it. Recently Nicole offered her referral link. I used that link and got $10 off my order. (Here is my referral link – get $10 off).

The clothes do not have the thrift store smell. Most of my clothes smell like perfume. That makes sense since these clothes are coming out of people’s closets. I’m surprised nothing I’ve gotten has smelled like smoke. I’m also very thankful for that. Maybe I’m just lucky?

One more thing I have to add before I show my items: It takes a while to get the hang of ThredUp. Use the filters. That is the best advice I can give. The filters are your friends.

I have to do two separate posts for all the clothes I bought. Most of the clothes I picked were marked “like new”.  Here is what I got in my first haul: (I’ll try to keep my remarks short since I have so many items).

Brand/name: Pixley 3/4 sleeve top

Price: 9.49


Brand/name: Accessory Street poncho

Price: 12.99

This poncho is from Nordstrom Rack. Brand new with tag.


Brand/name: Xtaren cardigan

Price: $14.99

This is the back of the cardigan. Obvs. I love the hood and the print. It’s sort of thin, so I may get to wear this throughout the summer.


Brand/name: Ann Taylor t-shirt

Price: $7.99


Brand/name: H&M t-shirt

Price: $4.99

I was pleasantly surprised this fit since it is a small. The last time I went into H&M, I tried on a dress in a size 8, and it didn’t fit. Ouch! I haven’t been back there since.


Brand/name: Guess Jeans

Price: $15.49

So far I’ve loved all my jeans from ThredUp.  These were marked with “minor signs of wear” but I don’t see anything wrong with them. Almost like new.


Brand/name: Just Black Jeans

Price: 16.99

I got my first pair of Just Black jeans from Stitch Fix, so I knew what size would fit me. I’m between a size 6 and 8, so I never know what size to get in jeans. I should probably get a size 6, but I like to be safe. I usually get a size 8 (or 29).


Brand/name: AB Studio top

Price: 6.49

I thought this was going to be just a cheap blouse, but I love it. It will be a go-to top. I know I ordered a lot of clothes, but I tend to wear what I call my go-to items more than once a week.


Brand/name: Perseption top

Price: 5.49

This will be another go-to item. It fits so well.


Brand/name: Sharon Young top

Price: 9.49

Not my favorite blouse. It’s a small and is a little snug, but I will wear it. Maybe the previous owner washed it too much? Or these tops run small.


Brand/name: Coldwater Creek sleeveless top

Price: 7.99 (Final sale)

I’m never going to buy final sale items from ThredUp again. Most of their items are not final sales, so it isn’t a big deal. This blouse is okay, but a little misshapen. Is that why they had it listed as a final sale? It’s cute but,  I probably won’t wear it much.


Brand/name: AB Studio

Price: 6.49

LOVE THIS BLOUSE. I would wear this everyday. It is so flattering.


Brand/name: WD.NY 3/4 sleeve top

Price: 12.49


Brand/name: Express 3/4 sleeve top

Price: 8.49

Another lace top. I searched for “lace tops” and picked the ones I thought I would like the best because I love lace, and I didn’t have enough lace tops before this haul.


Brand/name: Topshop short sleeve top

Price: 8.49


Brand/name: Topshop casual dress

Price: 17.49

Where to begin? It is a size 8. It fits okay, but it is a little snug. I can wear small in most dresses, so I thought a size 8 would be fine. Nah. It is also too short for my taste. I don’t have a little black dress, so I’m keeping it. I thought about sending it back for store credit. But one day I might need a LBD. I probably won’t buy another Topshop dress without trying it on first.


The end…for now. I will post my second haul in about a week. The only things I need now are sweaters. I will probably do a big order around September with just sweaters. Needless to say, don’t judge ThredUp by my fashion choices. 😉 They have things for everyone. This is stuff I specifically wanted for this spring/summer.


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