Emotion is a wild thing

It looks like I’m giving blood on Tuesday. I might try to get out of it. I felt ambushed. I’ve never done it before. The last time I tried to give blood was about 11 years ago, and I was told that I didn’t weigh enough. Apparently there is some crisis and they really need blood, so I guess I’m doing it. Sigh. I have to leave my house during my usual naptime (slight sarcasm). Oh well. Sacrifices and blah, blah. Help mankind.

This is making me feel weird. Last week or the week before, I was searching for places to sell plasma because I was desperate for money and some blood banks came up and then out of the blue she calls me? I don’t know…

I got out of the Jehovah Witness celebration (?) yesterday. I went last year. It didn’t go well. lol. Social situations and me. I said if M didn’t come by my house during the past three weeks, I wouldn’t go, and she didn’t come. So that was easy. For the record, I am an atheist. I hope M sees I’m a hopeless cause and never comes back. I know that sounds harsh. I just hate rearranging my Sundays for her, and she never comes at the same time.

I should get my free Fitbit Zip in less than two weeks. I want it so bad. I’ve been thinking about just buying the damn thing. I need to stop. Patience.

I am doing Trunk Club. It’s free to try so why not?  I’m also doing Sitch Fix (not free – $20 to try). My first Fix will arrive on April 14th. I have a tight budget.

Back to Trunk Club: Trunk Club sends 15 pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories from Nordstroms. It depends on what Stitch Fix sends, but I’m leaning towards only keeping 2-3 items and sending the rest back. Here is what I have in my letter to Brooke (my stylist) so far:

Hi Brooke,
I’m ready for my first Trunk. I work from home so I’m looking for mostly casual clothes. I don’t like to show a lot of skin (shoulders, back, legs etc.)  I am interested in a casual maxi dress or skirt. I also love statement necklaces. My style is a mix of casual and bohemian chic. I would like the price point to be below $75 per piece if possible.

We have to talk on the phone (again) to get the rest worked out. I’m sure she’ll have more detailed questions. I wanted my first Trunk 3 months ago! First, I have to pay bills, get tires for my car, order a GPS, etc. But I will have a little budgeted for those two companies. Enough of this. I will be doing a separate detailed post on my experience with both companies when I finally get my stuff.

Edit: Now I’m thinking about doing Trunk Club now while I have a lot less money, and that is one way not to spend as much. hmmm. Yeah, I think I’m sending the note today so I can get my Trunk in the next week. I’m nervous about talking to her on the phone. Scary!


30 days until the Tori Kelly concert (DC)

54 days until Asheville vacay (NC)

78 days until the Ellie Goulding concert (NC)

Overwhelm! Too soon. Not enough time to prepare. I was much more excited about the Asheville vacay when I was going alone. Now it almost seems like a chore. I’m sure I’ll change my mindset before the trip. What was I thinking when I planned all this??

This week I…

Music of the week: Shania Twain, Toby Lightman, Andra Day, Jewel, Nina Simone, Ellie Goulding, Troye Sivian, The 1975,

TV of the week:  House of Cards, basketball

Movie of the week: none.

Books of the week: I finished reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I can’t believe I’m reading fiction now, and I plan to read more this year. Anyway, I gave this book four stars on Goodreads. Minus 1 star because I didn’t care for the male point of view as much. I was speed reading through his short parts. But I loved the female character. For a fiction book, this seemed very real, and that’s why I enjoyed it. It gave me a great insight into how a Nigerian feels about America (generalization). It was way too long, though. 590 pages. It took me three weeks to read it.

Now I don’t know what to read. I have a lot of choices. Decisions.


I don’t have a ton planned for the weekend. I’m going grocery shopping, watching basketball and working on my practicum. Fun times.

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