I’m eating ramen noodles


dinner for the next week

My mom and I go grocery shopping together once a month. Like I said in my last entry, I have to reduce my grocery bill. I’ve decided I have to eat ramen noodles to lower my food bill. This is especially bad because I’m prehypertensive. Ramen noodles are bad for everyone, but they are cheap. So I bought five packs of Ramen noodles today. (and more may be coming).  My mom is concerned. ROFL. At least, someone cares! haha. She knows I’m struggling to pay my bills.

Anyhow, if things go right financially for her, she has offered to help me with my grocery bill. How nice! She will know within a week or two whether she can afford it. She offered because she doesn’t want me to eat Ramen noodles. I would never ask for it. Remember I ‘m miss independent.

I think my mom feels guilty because we used to eat Ramen noodles ALL THE TIME when we were growing up. That’s all we could afford.

The plan is to eat the Ramen noodles alone for dinner. I should probably add veggies like I always do with dinner, but that would defeat the purpose and add more to my grocery bill. Vegetables aren’t cheap. Well, cabbage kind of is, but I’m sick of eating that every single damn day. I’m taking a few days off from cabbage. Then I’ll go back because cabbage is cheaper than frozen broccoli. I LOVE broccoli. I bought one bag of it today even though I probably shouldn’t have. $$$

Eating Ramen noodles is only temporary. Eating Ramen noodles is only temporary.Eating Ramen noodles is only temporary.Eating Ramen noodles is only temporary. Well, I hope so. That’s the plan.

It is expensive to eat somewhat healthy. Junk is cheaper. The end.