I’m just a window pane

I’ve been a very bad girl. I ordered two tunics and two maxi skirts!! GroopDealz has great deals. It’s better  than eBay when it comes to clothes, jewelry etc. I’ve decided I will use GroopDealz for future gifts.  I usually ignore their emails because I don’t want to spend, but I have Stitch Fix on my mind and I was pinning tunics for my Pinterest board last night. Then I saw “Tunics on sale for $9.99” this morning. Of course, I opened the email. I ordered a light blue one (pictured below) and a fuschia one.


If the tunics are too long or too baggy, I will just wear them when I’m walking my dog or doing yard work. I hope they fit well. It looks like my style, but I can’t tell. I haven’t worn a tunic that length since high school. (And that was only because we couldn’t afford clothes that fit so my clothes were misshapen. LOL). I also ordered two maxi skirts. I bought a blue one and green one (pictured below). Each was on sale for $9.99. I’m hoping for good quality. Otherwise, I’ll just donate them or give them away as gifts. haha.



It is interesting how “the GOP establishment” is coming out against Trump NOW. Isn’t it too late? But I just realized that they gave the American people too much credit. They thought people would be too smart to vote for Trump. Sigh.

This week I…

Music of the week:  Toby Lightman, Tori Kelly, Jewel, The 1975, Lissie, Demi Lovato, Coldplay, Little Mix

It is nice to rediscover Toby Lightman. Her music got me through some rough times.

TV of the week: Mad Men, basketball, political stuff

I called the daytime hosts at MSNBC lightweights. I forgot about Tamron Hall and Andrea Mitchell. Love them. They are not lightweights. They are professional journalists. Anyhow, I did find a news alternative to MSNBC. I no longer watch MSNBC during the day or evening. If I want news, I get it from The Young Turks.  (I’m not a paying member (yet?). I watch their videos on YouTube). Yes, I am late. Very late. The only thing I don’t like about them is how pro-Bernie Sanders they are. I wish they would try to be neutral when it comes to Hillary versus Bernie. Anyway, here is a clip of them talking about the decline of MSNBC:

I agree. I don’t think MSNBC will be around in 2 years…unless Trump becomes president, and the network decides to be outraged at the things he does. As of today, they are very much CNN Lite during the day. Who wants that?

Movie of the week: I wanted to rent Spotlight this weekend, but I spent my money on clothes instead. 😦 I will rent it; I just don’t know when. With all the basketball coming on, I might wait until April.

Books of the week: In the future, I want to blog more about the books I finish reading so this will be a long-ish part of the entry. I finished reading The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America by Michael Eric Dyson. I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads, but I really would give it 3.5 stars if that were an option. He lost me a bit in the middle and at the end. Some of it is redundant and I already follow Obama closely, so I know this stuff.  However, I do feel this book is an important read.

The best part was the beginning where he explains how Barack Obama may not be strong on black issues because his history isn’t a slave history like most black Americans.  I know people have said this before, but I thought it was silly.  Some were using this as an issue saying he wasn’t black enough, so I dismissed a lot of that talk. But Dyson made me believe that is why Obama is the way he is. His ancestors weren’t slaves therefore, he approaches and thinks about race differently.

Overall, I agree with what Dyson is saying: Obama could be better when it comes to race issues. But that isn’t my main critique of his presidency. It’s just something to note.

Currently reading:

  • Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half of the Story by Jewel (page 159) This is not just an autobiography. It is also self-help.
  • Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I just started this. Yes, another book on race.
  • Chanel Bonfire by Wendy Lawless (audiobook) I’m on chapter 3. Audiobooks are supposed to be quick “reads”, but I have to be in a certain mood to want to listen to audiobooks, so it is a very slow “read” for me. I can’t believe Amazon has this book on sale for 1.99 right now. I would have bought it if I didn’t have the audiobook. Oh well. Too late.


It is supposed to snow tonight, so I don’t know what my weekend plans are. I hope I’m not stuck. Next year I will have a shovel. For sure. I just thought since we had a 70-degree day recently, that winter was over. Uh, no. Sucks.

I’m going to work on my practicum right after I post this entry. I really need to work hard on that this month. I guess that is the main thing I will be doing this weekend.