it hurts me to hear the melody

I voted on Super Tuesday! 🙂 It was pointless, but I guess I wanted to feel like a part of it. I begrudgingly voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I didn’t have much of a choice. If I were a Republican, I would have been excited about voting. They have something to vote for. Anyhow, it took less than 5 minutes to vote. I’m worried about the general election, though. That place can only hold about 5 or 6 voters at a time (!!). I guess there will be a line. I am already planning on asking for a half day or all day off on election day. Chances of getting it are probably slim.

I’m so excited and I shouldn’t be. I scheduled my first Stitch Fix for April 14th. Ahhhh! Finally. There is a chance I might cancel it (again) if I don’t have enough funds to buy any of the clothes. I wrote a note to my stylist saying that I wanted a maxi dress and a specific handbag.  I can’t find the handbag anywhere. Only Stitch Fix seems to have access to it. They will probably end up sending me another type of bag, and I’ll just send it back. I want that bag and that specific bag only.

I cannot wait. If I had the money now, I would move the date up. It is very tempting. When the stylist looks at my Pinterest board, she should be able to get my style. I’ve been slowly adding new things. I’m trying to be specific as possible. I erased a bunch of things I no longer want because I found them on my own (boots and the overalls).

I choose April 14th due to money reasons and I’m hoping she’ll send me something I can wear to the Tori Kelly concert. I keep saying “she” but there is, at least, one male stylist. I was going to try Trunk Club because they get their clothes from Nordstroms. I love Nordstroms, but that doesn’t currently work on my budget. I even talked to the stylist at Trunk Club on the phone, but no can do.

Oh well. My practicum access is not working AGAIN. So I’m just sitting here, wasting time. I have the news on mute. It will basically be over for the Repubs and Dems tonight. Trump versus Clinton. Scary! 😉

Edit: Well I guess Cruz is still standing since he won Oklahoma. That was the only surprise of the night. And Sanders is still alive. I still think Clinton and Trump will pull through.

Speaking of news, I feel like I should boycott MSNBC. They don’t cover news anymore. They only cover politics. They have lightweights on during the day. Melissa Harris-Perry had no choice but to go because they kept preempting her show.  In my heart, I know not watching is the right thing to do. BUT I do like a few people they still have on air. And I’m kind of addicted to watching the news. I have an aversion to CNN and Fox News so what do I watch? Nothing or CSPAN. I should just follow the news on Twitter like everyone else. That is where I get most of the breaking news.

I’m going to read in bed since I can’t work on my practicum, and I can’t work late.  I have other things I should do, but nah.