I’ve gotta figure it out

My car’s engine light is off!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!! And I didn’t have to do anything. That has happened before. I didn’t think it would happen this time because the car was jerking PLUS the engine light was on. Now the car isn’t jerking either. 🙂

I went thrifting. I spent $15.50 and bought 2 blouses, 1 t-shirt, 2 pairs of capris, 1 pair of exercise pants, and 1 book. Here are the blouses:


new with tag!


new with tag!

I love those blouses. I bought the capris to wear while I’m mowing the lawn and walking my dog. I don’t wear those when I go out since I don’t shave my legs. If I wore shorts in public, people would stare and probably point. I HATE being looked at, so there’s no way I’m going to give people a reason to look.

Now I have semi-not so good news for me. My mom is going with me to Asheville. I felt guilty since she hasn’t been on a trip in 3 years. I’ve been to Mexico, Vegas, etc. She was taking care of her mom.

So…yeah. It isn’t the most horrible news. Obviously. But my mom can get on my nerves. I’m sure some people can relate. She does things to purposely annoy me. I don’t get how you can care for someone and yet, do something to annoy them. If someone can explain that to me, that would be great.

That is why I can’t live with her. She can be so annoying. I could save so much money if I did. Then I would be able to buy my dream house in the country. Anyway, we don’t have much in common. I’m so much like my dad it is scary. She’s not into politics, current events, books or music like I am. (Those things are pretty much my life).

I could fill 3 or 4 entries complaining about her. I will try not to. I will go on about her in this entry, though. lol. She is one of those people who thinks she’s nice, but she’s not. I hate that. She can be spiteful. She just blames the other person for everything.

We would never be friends if we weren’t related. NEVER. We are just so opposite. I hope this doesn’t ruin my Asheville trip. I don’t think it will. I won’t allow it. Plus, she isn’t that bad. 😉 This is just me venting about almost everything bad she’s ever done.

I just feel sort of obligated. But hopefully, I can get away on a solo trip in 2017. Not sure. I might have to keep it a secret, and then I’ll feel bad. I feel horrible for even thinking these thoughts.

Her presence won’t ruin my trip. I said it here first.

Parents. They mess you up and then they act like they are owed something. rofl.

I like to do things alone (including traveling). I’m very independent. I don’t understand people who won’t even try things on their own. That is how my mom is. That is why we didn’t do things as kids. She always relied on others. I don’t get why anyone would want to live that way.  Thanks for screwing up my life. Wanna go on a trip?