I’ll stick with hell no’s

I had an unplanned cheat day on Wednesday. 😦 This is why my weight is staying steady at 125. If I weren’t cheating, I would be down to 120 by now. It’s not a weight thing. It’s more of a money thing. Why am I wasting MORE money on food? This is money I don’t have. I can’t afford it. This has to stop. Well, I did promise my mom we would go to a buffet in February or March. But I can’t eat my way through my money. This is depressing. I should know better.

I could talk politics all day, but I won’t. I swear. But can someone explain to me why Trump was in Arkansas on Wednesday when there is a primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday? If he doesn’t win NH, his run is over. I think he takes things for granted. Simple as that. Just because he is way up in the NH polls, doesn’t mean he will win.

Update on my last entry: I’m voting for Hillary in the primary as of right now. LOL. I don’t #StandWithHer. But I will vote fo her because I don’t want NOT to vote. As a liberal, I have voted for a ton of people I don’t like. You kind of get used to it. However, I won’t be mad if Bernie wins. That’s fine with me. It doesn’t matter. I’m just sick of having this anxiety over who to vote for. I usually know by now. I usually like someone by now. We vote on Super Tuesday (March 1).

It’s funny. When I hear O say she wants to vote for Hillary, I try to talk her out of it. It’s fine if I vote for her, but no one else should.

I was supposed to say more about Steven Avery. I’m still leaning towards guilty. I may have more to say later.

This week I…

Music of the week:  Sia, Hailee Steinfield, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Erin McCarley, Little Mix, Metric, Ariana Grande,

I don’t like the new Rihanna album. But I’ve never been a fan, so that’s not news. I tried. So many ballads. What is she thinking? The new Sia is awesome. It has an optimistic feel which may lead some people to dislike it.

The cast of Hamilton is performing at the Grammy’s! I bet that will be the best performance of the night. Sorry, Tori Kelly and Ellie Goulding. Love you guys. 😉 Tori is performing a duet with James Bay. I don’t know what Ellie is doing. Hopefully, she’s performing Love Me Like You Do or Army.

TV of the week: Mad Men, Dem forum & debate, basketball

Movie of the week: What Maisie Knew  A movie about a mom who prioritize herself over her kid. Decent movie. I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else, but it’s watchable and kind of cute and a little sad.

Books of the week: I finished reading  Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford. WOW. What they did to poor Rosemary. OTOH, I can understand how desperate they must have been, but I feel bad for her. They stole her life. I also learned more about the Kennedy family. This is probably the 4th or 5th book I’ve read on them.

I’m waiting for the library to get The Black Presidency by Michael Eric Dyson. I have a hold on it. I’m #1 in line. I feel bad for saying this because I’m a fan, but I don’t think he is the best writer (yet I’ve read the majority of his books). He is a much better speaker. He is very smart. I don’t understand why his writing often leaves something to be desired. I hope this book changes my mind.

Since I’m waiting for that book to come any day now, I’m not starting anything new. I’m going back to books I own. I’m back to reading:

P.S. I’ve decided to keep a log of books read on this site. So far I only have 2016 books so there isn’t much to see.

Planner update: 


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