not giving away my shot

Warning: WHINE FEST and RANT

Oh god. I’ve walked around the neighborhood and fuck! Saying I might be stuck for 3 weeks is conservative. This snow isn’t moving. Even though we have 50 degree days, the snow isn’t melting fast.  I’m running out of yogurt on Thursday. Then it’ll be eggs. Yes, I know some people don’t have food at all and I’m complaining about yogurt and eggs! I just don’t want to be stuck. *whines*

I don’t know how I’m going to get my mail. I don’t care about my mail, but I do have to mail my rent. It would be nice if my landlord lived in this century and did things electronically, but that is not the case. I usually drive somewhere to mail my mail, but that isn’t happening.  If the mailman can’t deliver my mail, he won’t be able to pick it up. Obvs.

So I don’t know what to do. The last thing I want to do is call my landlord and admit all this because he might say “Well don’t you have someone who can mail it for you?” Um, no. I don’t have friends. I don’t mind admitting that to SOME people, but my landlord is a complete stranger to me. (Weird, right?) I don’t want to admit that to him. And I don’t want to call.

This is why I hate snow. I bet all those people that cleared out the grocery store can leave their house. So annoying. Yes, I am feeling woe is me because I didn’t cause this crap load of snow to fall and now I’m stuck. blah. Now I’m considering paying someone. That is the only way. 😦

EDITED: I’m beyond screwed. I just paid $150 to have my road shoveled. NEVER AGAIN. It doesn’t snow much here so that is probably an accurate statement. one hundred and fifty dollars. FUCK. It pays to have friends. Be like Susie. Not like me. Btw, I was robbed. I didn’t even get my whole driveway shoveled. He gave me the quote before he saw the road. It was not $150 worth of work. If he did “rob” me, he will have bad karma. $150 worth of bad karma.

He wasn’t even shoveling the whole time.  He was in his truck. He wanted to make it seem like it was $150 worth of work, but I could see him stalling. If this ever happens again, I will shovel myself even if it takes DAYS. (His company was supposed to use a plow, but he claimed he didn’t want to use a plow on roads in my area). ROBBED.


Some people don’t get it. A lot of people don’t get it. How can people be so ignorant about a topic there is so much information on? I know they choose to be ignorant. That is pathetic, and it makes me mad.

People that suffer from depression aren’t ‘sick in the head’. Or crazy.

This woman is saying people on anti-depressants should not be able to foster kids. HOGWASH. If the person has a chemical imbalance and the med is FIXING that then shouldn’t they be fine?

And what about all the parents on anti-depressants? LOL. Hello? The hoops people have to jump through to foster/adopt a kid when people can just have kids naturally (for lack of a better term) is just mind blowing. But that is another topic.

I understand not being able to foster if somebody is going through a situational depression. Say someone just had a miscarriage or lost a job. That is situational depression. That will usually go away for most people.

Something about her bothered me. She would make judgemental statements about who should be able to foster kids. But I just ignored that. And then she made the anti-depressant statement. Then I knew she was clueless.

Just to be clear: I don’t want to foster kids. 95% sure I never will. But in 15 years or so, there is a chance I would consider it. Also, as far as I know most states probably wouldn’t ban someone for just being on anti-depressants. Would a state let me foster right now? NO. That I know for sure. 😉 Not because of meds, but other things like having no social support etc.


I love Kristen Stewart. I don’t have that many celeb crushes these days, but she is on my short list. She could say anything, and I would say, “I love her!”.  Anyhow, she was not talking about racial equality when she made those infamous statements. She was talking about sexism in the industry. She often talks about that.

She’s so awesome. Okay, she’s just a normal person. But I really like her. 🙂

KRISTEN STEWART at Cecil B. Demille Award