A head full of dreams

I updated my last post, but I want to post it here too. I made $35,000 in 2015 (not $33K). Every dollar counts.

I want to update my thoughts on something else too. This is about “Making a Murderer”. No real spoilers here. I now think Steven Avery is guilty. And despite the way the detectives questioned Brandon, I also think he may have been there too. This is based on what I’ve been reading after watching the docu-series. I’ve been reading things on both sides to get an informed opinion. I may post more in detail about what exactly changed my mind. That will contain spoilers.

My Michael Kors handbag sold! Yay.

I’m excited about a possible part-time job opportunity. I’m hoping to hear from someone on Monday or Tuesday. This opportunity could lead to a career.  I have a certificate in this, BUT it is from high school. lol. I haven’t had much training since then. There are cons to this job like having to work outside year round. That’s only bad when it is cold. I hate the cold.

I will post more about what kind of job it is if I get the job. I was so scared while filling out the application. Scared and excited. What if I get it? This would change my life so much. Goodbye, all free time. Goodbye to debt! Hello, emergency fund. And maybe, hello to a downpayment on a house. #goals

If I get this job, I would have to leave my house! haha. It would be worth it, though. I feel like I am definitely qualified for an interview, but getting the job? That is the tough part.

I would love to get this job. Please, please, please. Any good vibes welcomed. Thanks. 🙂