she’s here!


Sorry for the crappy picture. I misplaced my camera, and I had to use my phone to get that pic.  That is my first 5 minutes on my new treadmill!!1!!! I burned 24 calories. haha.

Not to brag (since this has nothing to do with me) but this treadmill won 2010 Treadmill Doctor “Best Buy” Award and 2010 Fitness Professor “Best Treadmill Under $1,000” Award.

The hardest part was getting it in. I even called a moving company. LOL. They had a minimum of $80 to move the treadmill, so I said screw that. I was going to leave it outdoors overnight and post for help on Craigslist tomorrow.

Then I said, “Fuck it”. Fuck help. And the lack thereof. I’m going to do this all by myself. That’s the norm for me. I somehow got all 119 pounds of it in. It isn’t placed exactly where I want it, but for now, it will do. At least, I can use it.

It’s so lovely. Now I have to make sure my dog doesn’t bother it. sigh. I need to figure out how to stand it up.

I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow from lifting the treadmill. I can feel it coming on now.

No late night of work tonight and I’ve got a treadmill. #Winning 🙂