All I’ve got is time

******BREAKING NEWS*************

I  ORDERED A TREADMILL. lol. I’m so nuts/sad/mad. I have all these crazed emotions because I don’t know whether I got the promotional financing or not. I tried everything to find out. I called, I chatted. No answers. I NEED that financing. Without it, I’m doomed.

I bought the LifeSpan TR200 Compact Treadmill. It is already assembled. (!!) Yes, that is the main reason I picked that one. I was worried about all the extra time I will have (see below), but now that I’m getting a treadmill on Wednesday, I will have something to do. lol.

If I didn’t get the financing… Oh boy. I’m going to try my best to cancel my order. First, I will try to straighten it out. But who knows whether they will let me? The not knowing is driving me crazy.

I went to the free gym today. I thought there might be a bunch of New Year’s people there. Nope. I was alone for 1.5 of my miles. Then a woman came in. But it is getting cold. And I don’t like leaving my house ever, but especially when it is cold. Besides with a treadmill, I will be able to easily use it every day.

I’m hoping exercising daily will help with anxiety, weight maintenance, and my prehypertension.

Now back to what I was blogging before I ordered the treadmill:

I don’t have my practicum to do anymore. 😦 I didn’t know I had a year to complete it. And they also did some unethical stuff I won’t get into. So now I’m looking for something to do with that time. I don’t want a hobby like knitting because then I would have to spend money on yarn. So I’m looking for something free to do. It’ll probably be a part time job if I can find a nonsocial one.

I’m trying to work fewer hours at my full-time job. And now I don’t have the practicum to do. That means I have TIME. How many people have this problem? lol. Everyone else is busy, busy, busy. Oh well. I will find something to do. For now, I will probably work more. That is so pathetic and not at all what I planned to do. ARGH.

I will definitely read more. I read 25 books last year. I don’t know. I need something meaningful and free to do. That is what I’m looking for. Volunteering would be an option, but first I want to be sure I don’t need a part-time job. I’ve gotten into trouble before with volunteering somewhere when I needed work.

I would consider getting my Master’s, but the company I worked for changed its policy and will only pay for three types of Bachelor’s degrees. All involve management. I have NO INTEREST in management. I hate business. I only majored in it during undergrad because I didn’t know what to major in. So I changed to psychology. (I ended up with a degree in psychology with a minor in business).

So school’s out. Not that I have anything against getting another Bachelor’s. I just want it to be what I’m interested in. Hell, I would get an associate’s degree. Oh well.

Now I’m going to freak out over the whole treadmill financing situation. I will probably listen to a podcast and then go to bed.  I may update this entry with the results. I have to stop freaking out. But I just bought a treadmill!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!