not everything ending in war

My cousin (once removed) died Sunday night. She had a brain tumor. All she wanted to do was to make it to college. She didn’t say she wanted to graduate. She just wanted to make it there. That was her dream. She didn’t even make it to senior year of high school. 😦

I see all these deaths and illnesses. It’s making me all carpe diem. Seize the fucking day.  And don’t let people make you feel bad about your life choices. They don’t know what’s in your bank account or any “hidden” illnesses. OR ANYTHING. Screw that shit.

I booked the cabin in Asheville. Yes, that’s crazy. CRAZY. It’s not the smartest financial decision, but I’m going to take the chance in 2016. I have the week of my birthday off. I booked the cabin for that Tuesday through Friday morning. Three nights.

That means the treadmill is definitely out of the picture. I might get one in 2017 or never. Anyway, the cabin is only 500 sq feet. By looking at the pics (down below), I thought it would be bigger. It is smaller than the state park cabin I usually visit.

Here are the pics of where I will be staying five months from now:


View from the hot tub on the porch.  I’ve never been in a hot tub. I do plan on using this one. I had one in Vegas. I just used it to soak my feet.


The kitchen. I am bringing food from home. I am only eating out once. (At the Biltmore Mansion).


Yes, it comes with a washer and dryer. Definitely using that since I don’t have one at home.


Small, cozy bedroom w/a queen size bed.


The patio.

I’ll have more of my pics to post once I go there. I can’t wait to go to the Biltmore Mansion!! I had no idea it was so expensive, though. 😦 I have to do research on what other things I want to do. Trip Advisor, here I come.

I still can’t believe I booked it. **shakes head** What is wrong with me? Rhetorical question.