Nothing hides you from silence

I bought Xmas gifts for the kids. Yes, I feel very silly buying them stuff this early and waiting until December 25th to give it to them. But at least I didn’t buy my dog a stocking. LOL. I totally would have if I had a place in mind to hang it. Now I see tons of spaces I could hang the stocking. I have 2 guinea pigs and a dog, in case anyone doesn’t know. Those are my kids/pets. Anyway, I don’t put up a  Xmas tree or any other decorations. I don’t like Christmas (and most major holidays). I try to avoid everything possible about it.  That is not an easy task.

My plans for Xmas? I’m working half a day and then I’m watching the NBA for the remainder of the day. I used to go to the movies every December 25th, but the NBA started scheduling big games on that day so there goes that tradition.

I miss my movie tradition. One day I will probably go back to that.

I got my first package from JustFab. OMG. The boots are fabulous. They look so much better than they do on the website. They look like I paid at least $45 for them. I paid $20 for them. The denim jacket is just a typical denim jacket. Good quality stuff. My boots usually last at least 3-5 years. I wear my shoes until they have holes in them. I’m not a shoe person.

My next and last (for a while) package from JustFab contains:



I wanted Stich Fix to send me overalls, but they would have cost over $70. So for now, screw Stitch Fix. I can just go on JustFab and get exactly what I want. Isn’t that cardigan nice? Can’t wait to get it.  They have the slowest shipping ever, but my boots were definitely worth the wait. I probably won’t order again from JF until spring. #WillPower

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. If that didn’t change things, nothing will. Well, I have an idea, but it is pretty radical. People would have to be willing to die for it. Some people want gun control, but how many are willing to risk their life for it? That idea (that I won’t share right now) is the only idea I have.

I have to go. Today will be a busy day. I didn’t plan on that happening. Things just came up at the last minute. Oh well. I have to go out and the only reason I’m not pissed about it is because I get to wear my new boots, new denim jacket and new wig! rofl. 🙂