You’re not breaking me

Good news post! 3 good things: Grammy’s, gym and wig. 😉

Tori Kelly got nominated for Best New Artist!!!! OMG. YAY. Best news evah! So happy for her. People were saying she was going to get left out. I don’t think she’s going to win, but I know she must be on cloud 9. Congrats. I hope she wins. Now I have a reason to watch the Grammy’s. YES!  Congrats to James Bay too. Both got nominated in the same category.  If Tori wins, I will die.

And….D’angelo got nominated for Record of the Year!! Amazing! Wow, I can’t believe this. The Grammy’s are going to be so fun. D’angelo better show up. I don’t think he’s going to win either. Damn. But at least The Academy recognized him.

I have to say a few negative things about the nominations. Um, Alabama Shakes for album of the year? UGH. I hate that album. Oh and D’angelo should have gotten nominated for Album of the Year. That goes without saying. Bummed that Carly Rae was completely snubbed.  Still so excited, though. AHHHHHHHH! Fun times.

The whole list of nominees can be found here.

I finally cancelled my paid gym membership. It was so easy. I didn’t even have to talk to anyone! I emailed. She offered me $10 off a month, but money isn’t the only reason I’m cancelling. I go to the free gym more so I’m sticking with that. Free vs. paid? Free wins this time.

I went to the free gym this past Saturday.  Two weeks in a row. woohoo. 😉 As I was walking in, a woman was leaving so I had the whole gym to myself again. I did two miles on the treadmill. No weightlifting or bike.

If only I would go to the gym after work. I don’t see that happening. I have my schedule set.  Work, nap, eat dinner, back to work, practicum, leisure time, bed. I have to get my nap in. Nap or workout? Nap wins almost every time.

See how exciting my life is? lol.

I got my wig today. I already wore it out of the house when I took my dog to the vet. I don’t think I did a great job cutting the lace, but it was fine for today…according to me. I LOVE IT! It was so expensive, I’m glad I do love it. I’m glad I paid extra for thickness because otherwise I know I would complain about it being too thin.

My only complaint is that the back is too short. Other than that, no complaints so far. No shedding. But I haven’t had it for 24 hours so…who knows?? It looks real as it should. What else can I say? I’m in love with it.

The interesting part will be taking care of it. I suck at hair. I’ve been trying to find info on taking care of it. But I guess I’m supposed to take care of it like normal human hair, but I’m not good at that! WAH. I need resources.

For now, I will calm down because it is like new. I’ll worry about issues as they arise.

Gotta go back to work for my “late shift”.