Don’t let me bring you down

Yeah, baby! Got a wig on ‘black Friday’. lol. 20% off but it still cost me a quite a bit.

100% human hair, full lace wig.  I paid extra for thickness since my natural hair is very thick. I could’ve had it customized more, but it would have cost me $100+ more PLUS it would have taken 4 weeks to prepare. So I went with the cheaper version. I should get it in about 2 weeks. I hope I like it.  They claim they will give my money back (minus a restocking fee) but I’m not sure I believe them. Best case scenario = Love the wig!

It is a straight bob with long side bangs on one side. That is so not me. I have never had a bob. I don’t even like straight hair. I prefer curly hair. I just thought it was cute. Why not try something different? Anyway, as you can see I am super excited to get it.

With all the money I paid, I’m going to wear this wig for as long as possible. It will last at least 2 years.  (in my dreams?) I don’t go out much so I will only wear it once a week for now. The last human hair wig I bought was years ago.  I “only” paid about $70 for it. I didn’t take good care of it.

I’ve never tried to get a lace wig before because I don’t know anything about cutting the lace. I hope that goes okay. I also don’t know anything about hair. Hence the wig.

No more black Friday shopping for me. The only way I was going to buy this wig is with a deep discount so I had to wait. I consider this an investment. I just hope it lasts until I have something (an interview etc.) I need it for.


I haven’t worked on my practicum at all this week. I’ve been working on work every single day until 7 P.M.  I can’t wait for a break. I can’t work on Sundays. YAY! One day off. I’ll take it.

Even though the McDonalds near me was open on T-giving from 7 AM to 1 PM, I ended up not going there. Instead, I ordered in the night before. I didn’t want to stop working, go to McDonalds, take a break to eat etc. etc. Maybe I will get to cheat at McDonalds another time. I really wanted their coffee more than anything. I haven’t had their food or coffee since at least April.

The more I have cheat days, the more I think I have to change the way I do them. I dunno. I feel a little guilty, very indulgent and a tiny bit gross. It’s something to think about. My next cheat day is supposed to be near Xmas. I might just do sweet treats on cheat days instead of sweet treats plus high calorie food. That sounds like a winner…for now.

This week I…

Music of the week:  Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, Tori Kelly, Demi Lovato, Chantal Kreviazuk, Florence + The Machine

I started working on my favorite albums of the year. I was going to do a top 15. Impossible. I could do a top 25 list, but I will try to keep it to top 20. Unfortunately everyone decided to release their album in the fourth quarter so I haven’t had time to really listen to those albums. Anyway, I’m so glad JoJo is back. Voice is still strong. Love her. I want the full-length album. It’s gonna be awesome!

Song of the week: JoJo – Say Love 

TV of the week:  Lost (done), basketball,  Switched at Birth

Movie of the week:  Fifty Shades of Grey

Books of the week:  I finished reading The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life by Bernard Roth I found some of his tips helpful, but I hated his tone and his lack of understanding shyness. Most people don’t mention it so I guess he gets points for that.

Trying to finish the following library books:

I have never paid for an Audible book. Should I be admitting that? I always find these free deals. This time, I got 3 free credits. I’ve used two of them. I ordered: Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes and Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology by Leah Remini

I didn’t even know Shonda Rhimes had a book until I was browsing either Audible or Amazon. I’m a big Leah Remini fan (random) and I love anything about religion so I know I’ll love her book.