I’ll take a tragedy over a fairytale

Warning: I’m all over the place.

Work is kicking my ass. That’s the norm, though. But it’s worse during this time of year. Sometimes – okay  a lot of times – I want a less challenging job. I don’t know if that’s the right thing for me. Yeah, I want an easy job. LOL. I’ll be honest. I feel that way a lot of times. Not every day. However, I am not currently on that path.

Don’t expect cohesive thoughts. I’m just rambling. I’m currently reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I can tell you about parts I disagree with later. One thing I do know is that people don’t like seeing the darkness. They only like the good outcomes. Hollywood movies are dumbed down for this very reason. It’s not a big deal. Just a pet peeve of mine.

I saw a poll that said that 73% of Americans live in fear of a terrorist attack. I’m thinking WTF???! I see people (rarely). They are not living in fear. I know fear. That is the one freaking thing I know. And I know there is no way 7 out of 10 Americans are living in fear.

The question was: How certain are you that a terrorist attack will happen in America? 73% are certain. Duh. Not shocking. I agree.  But that is far from living in fear. Why is the media reporting it that way? They have to know the difference. (Do they need a psych major to go over research methods?) So yes, it will happen BUT they (we) aren’t living in fear.

Syrians have hundreds of  people dying DAILY by bombing. In other words, what happened in Paris last week happens daily there. Something to think about…It doesn’t only happen in Syria, of course.

Donald Trump is getting on my nerves now. He was tolerable and a slightly funny idea at one point. I’m not laughing anymore. He’ll probably be the next president of the United States. Buddha, help us all. Things change and hopefully that will too. If it is a Republican, I don’t want Carson either. He knows nothing. Sorry for being harsh.

I’m having a cheat day Thursday and Friday and I already feel guilty. Friday won’t be as bad as Thursday. But I’m having 2 red velvet cupcakes on both days. NAUGHTY!

I saw Fifty Shades of Grey. #Late How could I not mention this? I went into it with an open mind. No judgement. It was bad, but not the worst movie ever. I just didn’t care for it. I don’t want to see any sequel. I have no interest in reading the book. I thought the casting was good. That is the most positive thing I can say. And even though I haven’t read the book, I bet the movie was better. It had to be.

I checked out tickets for the Dixie Chicks. Um, shame on someone. Those tickets are so expensive. A front row seat costs hundreds of dollars! Screw them. (Okay, not really). Do people remember when tickets used to go on sale about 2 months before the show? Or am I just making that up? Selling tickets 6 months in advance is a little much. Everyone is doing it now. Sucks.

I’m still taking more than the recommended amount of Afrin. That will end soon when I get my drug-free medicine from Amazon. I ordered a bottle of Simply Saline Nasal Mist. I’m so glad I won’t have to worry about overdosing on it. I will probably stil take Afrin once a day since I just brought a new bottle over the weekend. I know – what was I thinking? I just want to breathe.

I should probably get ready to go to bed. Loooong day tomorrow. I was just reading Rising Strong and thinking. I didn’t even write about what I initially was thinking. haha. Oops.