why I got you on my mind

I don’t know what to do! OMG. Le Tote just sent me pics of what I’m getting in my next box and Oh my freaking god. I love it. I was going to cancel on November 21 so I wouldn’t be charged again but how can I cancel when they are sending me a Jessica Simpson clutch (with a long strap – I don’t do clutches), and a maxi dress? HELLO? Totally my style. WHY?

I had my mind made up. No more totes. sigh. Le Tote, I hate you for making me love you. I will post pics of everything I get like I did last time. I did sign up for Stitch Fix, but I’m hoping making YouTube videos will offset a little bit of the cost. Anything is possible. I get my first “Fix” on December 3rd. I delayed it on purpose because I thought I would be done with Le Tote. I made a Pinterest board for my Stitch Fix stylist. If you want to see what my ideal style is, visit that board.

I have never shown my face on YouTube (only my hands). I’m getting an inexpensive tripod and I will try making videos. In fact, I may make a Le Tote video which I know will get a lot of views because there aren’t that many videos about them on YT. That’s scary. Anyway, ahhhh!

WTF am I doing? I have no idea. But it’s fun. 🙂

The one thing that is bothering me about Le Tote is that they just sent an email saying they are raising their prices soon. 😦 However, I get grandfathered in (and anyone who signs up under me or any other member gets grandfathered in) so the price isn’t going up on us soon. I  should have known that once they started getting Jessica Simpson and other brands, their price would go up. But they better bring in some really good brands. I think the price is perfect as is…I wish it were lower so I could keep the subscription forever, but I understand the current pricing.

I just had to post because I’m sitting here bursting with excitement. Back to work for an hour or so. I hope I get my clothes before Saturday. I’m off on Monday and I’m going out and I would love to rock some of those clothes. I love fashion. I try to reign that part of me in sometimes because clothes cost money and I would rather spend money on experiences (like travel).

I really have to go now. Bye.