don’t lay down to die

I went ahead and ordered a purse. No, it isn’t Chanel or Michael Kors.  But it will do until I can buy the Chanel bag in 10 years.

Isaac Mizrahi purse

Isaac Mizrahi purse

It is the medium Isaac Mizrahi  Bridgehampton Quilted Lamb Leather Bag. It retails for $196. I got it on sale for $178. Go ahead and shame me, animal rights activists.  I wanted a black one because it looks identical to the black Chanel bag, but black is no longer in stock. As far as I know, they aren’t making the black any more so I settled for bone.  (If the black ever comes back in stock…buddha help me). It goes with everything. My only concern is it getting dirty. It does come with a dust bag so yay!

How often should I use it? Well, I don’t go out a lot so I’m thinking once a week should be okay. If I’m just going to the bank or post office, this bag stays at home. This bag will be great for any future interviews. Here is a video of it:

I will try my best to not buy another bag until I can afford the Chanel bag, BUT talk to me in 3 years. I might decide to get a Michael Kors at that time. The one I want will be ‘vintage’ by then. lol.

I did my fall cleaning…sort of. My big trash can is full. I can’t throw anything else away until after my trash is picked up next week. I currently have 2 large trash bags of clothes (mostly suits and dresses) and purses to give to the Goodwill. But I’m not done. I will do a winter cleaning perhaps where I will donate more items. I will continue to throw things away every week until everything is gone.

I put my clothes rack up (brought from The Container Store). I’m in love with it. It was so easy to put together. In fact, there was no putting it together. No screws. The wheels were already securely attached. It is very nice. My mom wants a few after she saw mine. I could use at least one more, but I don’t know where I would put it. Unfortunately, my rack is currently full with designer clothes I don’t wear often (or ever? lol). I need a rack for my everyday, active wear. Here is a pic of how it looks now:

clothes rack

clothes rack

I had my cheat day on Wednesday instead of Thursday because I was very hungry after cleaning all morning. I went to spin class today to work off all those calories. I had a half of a tuna sub, a meatball sub (my fave), cheese fries and red velvet cake. Stuffed in the worse way. I won’t have another cheat day for 45 days. And then I might just go to McDonalds. I’m not a food snob. Obvs. Breakfast all day? About damn time! Get rid of those old school traditionalists who insist that breakfast is for a certain time.

Sorry for my mini-rant but places not serving breakfast all day really gets on my nerves. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I can eat it anytime.

I should get my Forever 21 clothes today. I don’t know where my order is. It was supposed to come yesterday. I would have gone to the store, but I can never find good stuff at the store. I might do a “Forever 21 Haul” where I post all my clothes. It depends on how much time I want to waste. 😉