Won’t put the blame on you, but I won’t change for you

I did it! I did two things. Good news first? Or are both of these things good news? I have no idea. Well, one thing is definitely good.


Yes. On the first try. I passed with an 86. That was one weird experience. I was more nervous for this than I was for the board exam. And I was at home in front of my computer for this one. I thought I had failed. I was about to give up 20 questions in and just start choosing random answers because I thought there was no hope. I only had 5 minutes left after I finished and that was because I was rushing through the last 25 questions. Everyone else said that they finished with lots of time to spare so I was freaking out. Whew! I’m so glad that is over.

If I can pass and I’m not directly working in the field, I feel that everyone else should be fine. Don’t worry. You can do it. My tip: Don’t overanalyze. I overanalyze everything.

The second thing. Um, well I took out a big loan at a good rate to pay off ALL my credit cards. Of course, I have to get approved. I’m pre-approved, but I’m worried they won’t like my bank account balance (see update at end of entry). That is the only thing bugging me. The possible good news is that I will be free of credit cards. TOTALLY FREE! However, I still have to pay the loan company for five years so I won’t be debt free or anything. But at least I can finally get rid of the credit cards.

…And I will be on my path to being completely debt free in 5 years (that will include my car too – I think I’m done with that in 2 years).

I hope this isn’t some huge mistake. The company has an A+ rating with the BBB so I’m not worried about that. I’m just worried about being able to pay the company back. I don’t know what will be going on in 3 weeks, much less 3 years. I can’t worry about that. I know. I know.

I also must not make frivolous purchases. I used to be so good at this. I was extremely frugal about 4 years ago. Now I have to get back to that. I’m going to buy a tiny house (less than 200 square feet), place it in the middle of nowhere and get rid of all my possessions. Okay, maybe not. The tiny house thing may happen if I can find one with a dishwasher. I live without a dishwasher now *gasp!* so I know one isn’t necessary but if I’m going to BUY something it better be able to handle a dishwasher…even if I have to go out and buy and install it myself.

Most tiny houses don’t seem to have room for a dishwasher. That concerns me. Another thing that concerns me about a tiny house is that I love animals. In theory, I would have about 50 animals but realistically I don’t want to take care of a bunch of pets. So I’ll just consider my dog. He is wherever I am and I live in a small-medium sized house (800 square feet). Sometimes he gets on my nerves being around me 24/7. HOW MUCH WORSE WOULD THAT BE LIVING IN A TINY HOUSE? I would want to scream…and I probably would scream. I need my alone time. lol.

How did I get from debt consolidation to living in a tiny house? I have no idea. This is my brain. I’m still researching the tiny house idea. I like it, but the lack of appliances is an issue. This is one reason I want to take a road trip across the country. How can I know where I want to live if I haven’t been everywhere? I’ve also thought about retiring in another country (probably a country in South America) but that is another entry.

As I type this out I’m thinking the tiny house idea won’t work for me. I need a place to dance and do yoga. That won’t work (especially the yoga) in a tiny house.

Food talk: OMG. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are so good!! I have fallen in love with them. They are only 150 calories. Swoon. And I’m not even an ice cream person. Yummy. 🙂 I feel like I’m being naughty when I eat it.

People who have cheat days once a week (or more?), must work out a lot. I could never do that.  It would just derail everything and I would gain weight.  After next week, I’m going to do cheat days every 45 days instead of once a month. The only reason why I really want to do a cheat day next week is because 1.) I’m off from work 2.) I’m going to the gym and 3.) I have a $5 off coupon for the restaurant that I have to use or lose it. The last one is the most important reason.

EDITED TO ADD: I got approved for the loan!!!!!!1!!!!!!!! woohoo! That was quick. I still don’t know whether this was the right move. That out of the way means I will hopefully be debt free in 5 years, but I still need more income. I have things to sell and I’ll be doing that this and next week but what happens after that?

Lots of caps and bold in this entry and I’m out.