no one to tell me what to do

My meeting with my manager was just moved to tomorrow. ::nervous:: I have no idea what to expect. If you don’t hate me or are indifferent towards me, I would appreciate any good vibes. I want to keep my job…and continue working at home. Thanks! 🙂

I went to the doctor on Tuesday. Clean bill of health. Well, all of my lab work hasn’t come back yet. I don’t think she is testing for everything…even though the last tests were 3 years ago, she did not seem interested in doing them again. Fine with me. I didn’t fast so the results may be wrong.

Yeah, I’m physically fine and that is all people seem to care about until someone shoots up something.  I would trade a treatable physical disease over a mental one any day. Oh well. I got stuck with what I got stuck with. :/

Oh! She wants me to see an OB/GYN and guess what? I’m actually doing it. I haven’t made an appointment yet. I went to their website and the part about a pap smear being painless is total BS…FOR ME. I know for normal people others it may be painless. I really don’t want to feel that pain again. (I had my first and only one 4-5 years ago)

Gotta go. My schedule is all messed up so I have no idea what I’m going to do next. nap? practicum? mow the lawn? or read for fun? #ExcitingDecison