I don’t ever know the time

Not much going on. Isn’t that a great way to start a blog post? 😉

My manager moved my meeting to the beginning of August so no news there. I feel like I’m just waiting for the next brick to fall…while hoping it doesn’t fall. I wish I could just leave before they ‘let me go’ but I have to stay as long as I can (or until next June) or I will be hit so hard financially. I already have a tough time making it from month to month.

My dog and I just ran in the rain. Fun. We’re crazy so we have a blast. It has been so hot here…hopefully the rain will cool things down.

I have officially lost 12 pounds on Nutrisystem. I now weigh 130lbs. Woohoo! One more month to go and then I’m eating on my own. Food has become a big part of why I’m financially struggling. I hope I can come up with a solution other than returning to “bad” foods. I should get the last of my NS next week. I can’t wait. Frozen food. YES!

**NEW planner alert**

Yes, I have another one. I brought the Day Designer by Blue Sky which is the Target version of the Day Designer. The DD costs $59. I was intrigued, but I wasn’t going to pay $60 for a paper planner I would only use for a year. So when they came out with the Target version I jumped at the deal. Of course, my Target didn’t have any in stock so I used my eBay bucks and brought it from eBay.  (It can also be brought online directly from Blue Sky). This is my first time using a day-per-page planner. I love it so far. It has a place for a schedule, to-dos, top 3 items to-do, gratitude, notes, tonight, and a quote of the day.

Day Designer by Blue Sky

Day Designer by Blue Sky

I’m mainly using mine to write down what I ate and as a journal. The only thing I don’t like is how thin the paper is but for $20, it is a good deal.  I had time to decorate yesterday’s page but not today. I have to get back to work (for no extra pay).