release the tension

This entry is all over the place. Just a warning.

I told judgemental Judy about the job situation. I knew she would judge me. Judy doesn’t even know what judging means. That might sound snarky…okay it is snarky. But it is also true. Anyway, possibly losing my job is far more important than what Judy thinks. So screw what Judy thinks. I’ve been checking my work emails and nothing so I don’t know what will happen. I’ll probably have to wait until I go back to work next week.

I took 3 large trash bags of brand new men’s clothes to the LGBT store. They didn’t even look inside. They will be pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of new clothes with tags. I didn’t go to the consignment shop today. I will probably go on Thursday while my dog is being groomed. IF I have time after I go to the gym. Grooming is supposed to take 3 hours but it doesn’t always take that long.

My mom and I are going to Red Lobster later this week just because. Well, she wanted to go out to eat since I’m off from work and the only place I can eat something I like and stay on Nutrisystem is Red Lobster so there ya go. I will have the oven broiled flounder with broccoli. I can’t believe it fits perfectly with the plan! I thought I would have to skip a meal or something but nope. yay. 🙂 I hate that I won’t be able to eat any bread though.

More randomness: I have to link to this article – 16 Things People With Social Anxiety Want You to Know and then there’s:  It’s the actual Worst. I know I’m biased, but it is truly THE WORST. It affects EVERYTHING. Can I get a break from this dreaded condition? Some might think dying is worse but nah, not to me. I know I’m not supposed to say this, but it is horrible. That is what I want people to know about SA. Anyone who doubts this should try living with it for one day.

Food talk: I have been looking for food to eat after Nutrisystem. OMG. Quest bars are so delicious, but they cost so much!! 2.79 for ONE bar?? I think I’m going to occasionally treat myself to one. Occasionally will probably be once a month. They are good for lunch and have better stats than NS lunch bars. I just wish they were more affordable. My fave (and the only kind I have tasted – lol) are the Quest cinnamon roll protein bars. So tasty. The price per bar is a little cheaper on Amazon, but I don’t really want to buy 12 at a time. There are cheaper alternatives, but they probably don’t taste as good or as filling.

I like bars for lunch. I add nonfat yogurt to it and I have a meal. I also brought some Zone bars but I haven’t tried them yet and their stats aren’t as good as the NS bars, but they will do. And they are much more affordable than the Quest bars. I’m also thinking about adding the Atkins bars for lunch but Walmart didn’t have the kind with the best stats so I didn’t buy any.

Yes, some of us must shop at Walmart. I go to Walmart first to see the price then I go to Kroger for the fun stuff. 😉  I buy 70% of my food from Walmart…when I’m being smart, but sometimes I don’t feel like driving all the way “out there” so I just go to my neighborhood Kroger for the other 30%. I spend way too much on food and need to cut back. I have no idea what I need to stop buying though. Eating healthy is expensive. Now I understand why I ate junk as a kid. It’s cheaper and more accessible.

Gotta go. Lunch time. I’ve been feeling dizzy/light headed all day. I thought I was going to faint at the laundromat. I had to sit down on the floor quickly. It happens from time to time. I have no idea why.